Letter: Brownlee raises questions about statue proceedings

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 2, 2020

After reading Ann Browlee’s My Turn published June 25, I am horrified the Salisbury Democrats have brought national corruption by their party to our Salisbury.

In this town, the riots have brought property destruction and wasted time. So many of these kids don’t live here. The mayor and council members have apologized, taken a knee and kissed boots. They have employed the familiar anonymous fundraiser theme. Boycott Salisbury.

More demands are being called for — remove all statues and pictures of Jesus Christ and remove or cover all stained-glass windows. Wasted money and time has already been spent — again by Democrats.

I have the following questions:

• Why didn’t the Salisbury Post report this?

• Were the United Daughters of the Confederacy aware of Ann Brownlee’s information?

• Are all contracts and agreements null and void to to illegal proceedings?

— Irene Dalton