Letter: Cemetery not suitable for ‘Fame’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 28, 2020

We had the opportunity to visit  the new supposed location of “Fame” at the Old Lutheran Cemetery. It was a disgraceful and despicable sight to behold. 

Upon entering the cemetery, we immediately felt dread and despair. The grounds were in inexcusable condition. Grass was 6 inches tall, debris littered the cemetery, headstones were broken and lying on the ground and the cemetery hadn’t been edged in God knows how long. The view from inside the cemetery outward was equally worthless. 

The Salisbury Post had taken a picture of a nearly new headstone with lined up markers behind it to give it the appearance of, I would assume,  the National Cemetery and printed it on the front page of Tuesday’s paper. It was very deceptive of the Post to not to show the actual condition of the cemetery. 

Lady “Fame” and her soldier deserve a decent, respectable, honorable location to be relocated. Not here. 

The news of any kind or source can no longer be relied on to report the facts, to include the Post. What’s that inscription on your building, Post? The truth shall make you free. 

The time has come in America to remove every statue depicting a human being. Rename every road or street named after a person. No exceptions. While we’re at it let’s have a good old -fashioned book burning.

— Mark Gravitte


Editor’s note: The photo described shows a new-looking gravestone next to one that’s worn and broken in half. The Post has published other photos of the cemetery’s condition in previous editions, including Tuesday’s newspaper.