2020 Rowan County Early College All-County Scholar

Published 12:05 am Sunday, May 24, 2020

Parents: Walter and Sonya Hausermann

Elementary school: Rachel Patterson Elementary in Atmore, Ala.

Middle school: Escambia County Middle School in Atmore, Ala., then Knox Middle School.

College: I am currently set to go to University of North Carolina Greensboro and to major in computer science.

Career: I will be working towards either a career in game design and development or becoming a senior developer. Which of those two I’m not fully sure yet.

Leadership positions: While attending Rowan County Early College, I was awarded junior marshal for being one of the top 10 GPA students in my junior year. I’ve been in Junior Civitan for all four of my high school years. Also during this time, I was a group leader in our school’s nature club.

Outside of school: I volunteer for Lee Street theatre. Most of my free time went toward programming to try and work toward turning it into a viable career choice for me.

Defining moment: A huge defining moment for me was when I became more involved with computers and technology. It feels like that just opened up so many avenues for me in both communication and being able to create my craft.

Secret to high school success: Largely just to take it easy. I’ve found that I just work better when I have faith in my skills and time management to know that things will work out even if the situation’s looking dire. I feel like when I did stress, I spent more time focusing on how stressful the situation rather than just putting all my attention into making the situation better and working toward the solution.

If I had $10 million, I would: Have to invest with it or put it into savings. I’ve never been one for the lavish things so I would want to just make sure I’m setting myself up for the future to have the money if myself or family ever did need it.