Letter: Grateful for  help from strangers, pharmacy

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation to those who helped me last Tuesday following my accident outside a local pharmacy.

I had left the building with packages in each hand and my mask duly on. Unfortunately, instead of putting my packages down so that I could adjust my mask that kept sliding upwards, I walked to my car and misstepped getting off the curb.

Two young men passing by on Faith Road noticed me hunched over on the curb of the pharmacy, and one of them felt that something was wrong. They went around the block and came back to check on me. He placed my packages in my car and went inside to alert the staff who checked on me and called 911. I am very indebted to these two, who continued to stay with me along with Karen, the clerk who also called my husband at work, and Brandon, the assistant manager, until the paramedics arrived.

The paramedics, Brittany and Howard, cleaned the blood off my face, bandaged it and determined I did not need stitches.

I am deeply indebted to each of these folks for their kindness and compassion, and so blessed that we live in a community where folks care and respond. Thank you to each of you. God bless.

— Meetta Lampert