Letter: Blind spots are biggest problem for news outlets

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 12, 2020

It was nice to see the letter from former editor Elizabeth Cook recently referencing Cal Thomas’s column titled“The Acela media and liberal slant.”

While she was exactly right about the primary function of local newspapers dealing with local news and events — and the vast majority of that coverage is indeed very good -— she missed the boat as to the main point that Thomas was making. After writing letters to local papers over several decades, I have noticed that, almost without fail, there exist an  obvious “inherent” blind spot concerning the coverage/reprinting — and failure to cover certain stories — of national news.

Cal clearly spelled out his bullet point with the statement “the medias most potent power: the power to ignore certain stories.” How about a couple of current examples relating to the blatant, deliberate failure of the far left national news media sources, notably the Associated Press and Washington Post used by the Salisbury Post.

There are two current explosive stories that have come to light concerning former general Michael Flynn, And former Vice President Joe Biden.  With Flynn, the results may very well put some “liberal swampers” in jail and expose the role President Barack Obama played in the failed coup attempt against President Donald Trump.

Biden’s sexual assault allegations may very well sink the entire Democratic establishment in November. The chances you see these conservative-advantageous stories covered by these liberal, national Salisbury Post sources probably equate to capturing an albino Sasquatch.

— Randy Biggerstaff