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Published 12:00 am Friday, April 10, 2020

Letter: Political left abandons patriotic spirit

I’m a member of the “left” as you say, and I’m patriot.

I love our country and want the best for its people. However, in all of my almost 59 years of life, I’ve never seen the federal government mess something up as much as this recent inept response by this president to COVID-19.

— Karen McGee Puckett

Clad in protective gear, local foundation sends hams home …

I  took a friend up there that I have been helping out, got a flat and they also helped me. Thanks for what you do.

— Susan Presnell

Lawmakers hear about medical equipment …

Has anyone reported how much medical equipment NC had in its own state strategic stockpile at the beginning of the pandemic?

— Don Wells

Thieves hit 13 vehicles in three Salisbury apartment complexes

Salisbury, once a nice little town, but no more.

— Cherryl Nickerson

Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to leave money in their car?

— Joanne Bryla

Volunteers will step in to help feed students over spring break

It is great to see so many churches and several restaurants offering to feed those that otherwise may go hungry. Our community will always come together to protect our future even when our county and municipal governments will not.

— George W. Benson

Ann Farabee: What’s wrong with your hands?

This column brought to mind the song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” What a timely thought for what our world is going through right now.

Love you friend.

— Monica Ford Newsome

Deceased mom’s delayed COVID-19 test results …

I’m so sorry for your loss, Susan. I know the pain. I lost my mother in 2012, although I was able to see her without having to wear protective gear. I hate things happened that way.

I know it has to be incredibly painful.

— James Lambert

Trump tempers officials’ grave assessments …

Trump Lied. Thousands died. Remember in November.

— William H Moffitt

County launches stay-at-home complaint form …

Go back to history to see where it leads. Read about the Stalin regime.

— Valentina Studenets Neumiller

Until the state legislature changes the constitution of the state, Gov. Roy Cooper has no authority to make a gathering unlawful.

Ill-advised? Yes. Illegal? No.

— John Walls

Communism. Plain and simple. It is very dangerous and it needs to stop.

I don’t believe the state or local authorities have a constitutional right to do much and, when this is over, I hope that people sue any governmental institute that tramples on our individual rights.

— David Holman

East Spencer tables crime-deterrent curfew

Go ahead. Create more parks and rehab the old ones. But in the end you’ll need that curfew to keep the trouble makers and drug addicts from congregating in them.

— Matthew Rammy Osborne

Rowan Public Health reports 69 positive coronavirus cases

It is encouraging to see the recovered and tested along with everything else.

— Peggy Fisher

Hurley YMCA would become medical shelter …

We all are proud of the Hurley YMCA and what it stands for — compassion, reassurance and hope for others in a time of need. .

— Peter Wong

Editorial: Internet more important than ever during COVID-19

This editorial is spot on for those of us who live in Rowan County and have slow internet. Mine is a mere 3 megabits. It makes reading the Salisbury Post online difficult and making a food purchase with Food Lion online impossible.

The time has come for everyone in Rowan County in a similar fix to write a letter to Sen. Carl Ford.

This is his county and he should get the restrictive law withdrawn.

— Eric Marsh

Local church brings Easter to children with egg hunt

What a fantastic, creative idea. Great way to observe tradition in a new and different world. Having fun and doing it safely.

— George W. Benson

Local nursing home site of COVID-19 outbreak

One of the worst imaginable scenarios in our county would be if the vulnerable population of a healthcare or residential facility were to have a widespread outbreak of COVID-19.

Praying that these few cases come under control quickly.

— Jeff Morris