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Letter: Burr took right steps after questions arose

Although it was not Mr. Burr’s place to warn “us” about the potential danger, he did warn the Tar Heel Circle on Feb. 27th during a luncheon at the Capitol Hill Club, according to the Charlotte Observer.

— Barry Stokes

Rowan County: 12 total confirmed COVID-19 cases

Why has “Rowan County government has declined to release other information about local cases?”

— Gary S Yost 

Editorial: Responses start rolling in to US Census …

Congrats to town of Spencer leading the response rate in Rowan County. Keep it up.

— Bob Bish

Rowan County: 12 total confirmed COVID-19 cases

Is it time for a county-wide shelter in place? Limit entrance numbers to all stores? Would be very helpful to know the ages and recently visited places of those infected.

— Lin Litaker

Chalk it up: Landis children thank town employees …

Are you allowing the children to share the chalk? I find this activity concerning in light of what health professionals are advocating to flatten the curve of the coronavirus.

— Pam Everhardt Bloom

No! We ask they bring their own chalk!

I purchased 20 boxes so each person could have their own set of chalk to use!

— Meredith Bare Smith

Presley loved doing this. Everyone needs to think outside the box to create things to keep our littles busy.

— Lynnette Konecny

Public health officials announce county’s first COVID-19 death

I was tested at the Novant emergency room a week ago today and have still not received a report back. I’ve checked on the Novant patient portal and called the ER several times. They said they don’t have results back yet. They also said others have been waiting longer than me. Makes me question the accuracy of the numbers in this article.

— Ken Crooms

Governor issues stay-at-home order for North Carolina

Everyone should have been staying home! We have since it started, only going out to get essentials.

Today, we got extra chicken feed and dog food. Stay home. This is nothing to joke about, except for gallows humor.

It shouldn’t have taken an order to make people aware of how serious this can be.

— Gail Elwood

Basketball: North grad Mitchell making a difference in Charlotte

Early in Cristie’s basketball career, I remember her being a terrific under-the-goal player. She was actually discouraged to not handle the ball but to do what she did best.

— Danny Patterson

County to define ‘essential employees’ …

The Rowan County Board of Election is open for citizen needs, although door is locked for security. Knock for admittance. Follow social distancing.

— George W Benson

East Spencer town board to consider curfew

Everybody shouldn’t have to be put on a curfew.

It should be just the ones that have the virus who should have to stay at home 24/7 until they are well.

— Janiyia Williams

State legislators told hospitality industry ‘on life support’

Meanwhile everybody else is just doing great. Right? It seems to me Everybody is suffering.

— William H Moffitt

Letter: Tell lawmakers to change unemployment …

The honest hard workers of our state need to stop being faulted for the state’s need for funds and need to have it stopped from coming out of their hard-earned pockets.

Thank you for writing this and I, for one and I’m sure for many up at Freightliner, am proud to have you as our Union President and friend.

— Karen Turman Starnes

Editorial: County commissioners should talk about debt

This virus is going to put a strain on everyones finances for the near future.

— Mark Lyerly

Letter: Political left abandons patriotic spirit

Trump also was adamant COVID-19 was not a big deal. Then, he was positive the crisis would be over by Easter. He’s been continually contradicted by the people who actually are professionals in infectious diseases and pandemics.

— Eric Shock

The left’s hatred for President Trump has caused them to abandon patriotism. This is in spite of his leadership that led us into an economic boom prior to this tragic time. I can’t think of a better leader to get our economy going again when this pandemic ends.

— Ron Scruggs

Patriotism comes from the right, left and center of the political spectrum — from both fans and critics of the current administration.

— Jeff Morris



Latest protests in Salisbury peaceful as many speak out about injustices


Police chief, NAACP president make joint statement


Number of currently positive cases decreases by two dozen


Protests reignite debate about whether to move ‘Fame’ Confederate statue


Letter: Every budget decision has deep impact on quality of life


Letter: Legislature, in fact, approved a budget last year


My turn, Kendal Mobley: Those who benefit from white privilege must move beyond words


Area Sports Briefs: Clemson wants Salisbury’s Walker to play linebacker


East Spencer passes $5 million budget


Granite Quarry rezones leaf and limb property, views proposed budget

China Grove

China Grove adopts 2020-2021 budget


Rowan Court officials plan phased approach to court operations


Blotter: June 3


Mayor responds to escalating protests with state of emergency, curfew


City of Salisbury declares downtown state of emergency, announces curfew


Police: Case of mistaken identity caused downtown protest to take unexpected turn


Commissioners to send Gov. Cooper a request to ‘reopen’ local economy


Downtown protests continue for third night


West End Plaza becomes COVID-19 testing site


City manager: Transit cuts no longer in proposed budget


Sharon Randall: Still fighting to ensure freedoms


Two charged with using counterfeit $100 inside Lowe’s, others sought


Letter: Fund right of democracy, fully approve elections budget


Graduates parade down streets of southern Rowan County