Hurley Park among areas damaged by weather

Published 2:49 pm Friday, February 7, 2020

By Deirdre Parker Smith

SALISBURY — Thursday’s severe storms and heavy rains have caused damage all over Rowan County.

At Hurley Park, next to City Park, rising water has knocked out several bridges, created a sink hole and displaced tons of gravel from the walking trails.

“It’s not as bad as Hurricane Michael,” said director Danélle Cutting, “but we’re just two people to clean it up. Other city crews can’t step in because of damage all around Salisbury.

Cutting said City Park Lake is nearly half full — not a good thing, since it had been drained for repairs.

A sink hole at Hurley Park, created by the collapse of a storm drain, won’t be addressed until the ground dries, which will take a while, since rain is predicted most days next week.

Cutting is asking people to stay out of the park during the cleanup period. “I don’t want people on those trails. I don’t want anyone close to” the sink hole. She’s concerned about rain predicted for next week making the hole larger.

Cutting said several trees at the park were compromised.