Resolved to not make New Year’s resolutions

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 2, 2020

By Stephanie Reister

Rowan Public Library

With numerous broken New Year’s resolutions on my record, I’m resolving to not make any at the beginning of this year.

I like the idea of starting the calendar fresh with a couple of ambitious goals. But the rebellious side of me usually yells, “Don’t tell me what to do, New Year!” then eats a Little Debbie snack and drinks Cheerwine.

To more reasonably ring in the new year, I’m reading a couple of books from Rowan Public Library. Since I’m bad at keeping resolutions, I picked up “(It’s Great to) Suck at Something” by Karen Rinaldi. She uses surfing, her creative spirit, and her cancer battle to give an edgy perspective to the self-help genre.

Rinaldi has been dedicated to surfing for almost 20 years, but admits to still only being a mediocre surfer. Her attitude is to let go, be yourself, and do something you love even when you’re bad at it.

I know I falter at times because I get preoccupied with my old nemesis – perfection. Rinaldi says, “Perfectionism is so, so comfortable. … Striving for perfection is a glossy way to say: afraid. Afraid to be foolish. Afraid to have to start somewhere. Afraid to suck.”

She’s right, plus the picture-perfect lives created on all forms of media these days make us believe we have to excel at everything. All of that perceived amazingness can paralyze us from trying, failing and ultimately flourishing in life.

To offer encouragement, Rinaldi coaches, “… if you suck at something long enough, you will suck a little bit less at it.” And maybe that’s enough.

“The Book of Mistakes” by Skip Prichard is a story that highlights nine mistakes that readers can overcome to achieve goals. The mistakes each have their own chapter with a list of tips on avoiding them.

A couple of the mistakes stood out to me on the subject of making resolutions. “Mistake #2: Allowing someone else to define your value” speaks to setting your own worth and goals.

The chapter discusses being true to oneself by ignoring the labels that are casually placed on us. When we believe the labels others assign to us, we end up accepting them as our value.

We waste our own potential by following other people’s expectations, which usually involve the word “can’t.” So, we likely make resolutions based on the opinions of others.

“Mistake #6: Allowing temporary setbacks to become permanent failures” answers to the fears of imperfection and failure. The story points out that an obstacle can actually be a stepping stone to success.

“Excuses are the weeds that choke progress. Setbacks are the seeds that sprout opportunity,” says one of the characters.

RPL is filled with books reminding us that being human means being imperfect. It’s those imperfections that make compelling stories, the ones we seek out to understand ourselves and other people.

I was mistaken at the beginning of this column. I do have a resolution for 2020. Kick my fear of imperfection to the curb and unashamedly suck at something. Maybe this is one I can keep.

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