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Man wrongfully accused demands DA resign …

I’ll bet he refused to speak to the arresting officers when he was arrested. Based on the evidence they had, they had probable cause to believe he was a double murderer. Since he wouldn’t talk to the arresting officers, his defense team, who also have access to investigators, talked to the defendant and investigated what he told them, found the video and presented it to the court — just the way the system was designed to work..

— Duane Pudgil

This young man needs to get money from the county/city. To be in jail for something you know you haven’t done is a true horror. To have no one listen is even worse.

— Cynthia Hilliard

Next election vote them out. I tried to tell several people the DA’s office was corrupt, but it went on deaf ears. Maybe now someone will listen.

— Jackie Miller

Developer withdraws rezoning request for China Grove …

We encourage, and recruit housing subdivisions to our town, as we acknowledge that China Grove is a very popular town for families to choose to live.

Our standard for single family housing is 70 feet width lots. This proposal was 50 and 60 feet lots, which means houses would have 20 feet between them.

— Rodney Phillips

Rowan, Cannon Memorial YMCAs to merge Jan. 1

This is exciting and I have the utmost confidence with Jamie Morgan as the president!

— Dari Caldwell

It is very disappointing that we could not incorporate the Cannon name into the new name. The Cannons started the YMCA in Kannapolis. Having their name on the Y is a way to honor and remember what they did for our community.

— Brenda Fowler McMath

Volunteers from both counties realized early in the process how important it was to preserve the Cannon name for the Cabarrus County branches.

Those three YMCAs will indeed carry the Cannon name much in the same way that the three branches in Rowan County carry the Hurley, Corriher and Saleeby-Fisher names respectively.

— Jamie Morgan

450 to be laid off at Daimler’s Cleveland plant

It’s a good union job. However, if you work there and don’t have seniority, you need to be a two-income family, not over-extend yourself on a big mortgage and other debts and have six months salary saved. This happens regularly and the jobs come back eventually.

— Todd Paris

Letter: Democrats will sink like the Titanic

Wow, Randy, what a letter. Your head must have exploded when you read the Sunday edition of Doonesberry.

— Eric Marsh

Maybe if you’re gonna do crimes, don’t release documents showing those crimes and then go on to do same crimes in public on TV and the problem could be avoided?

— Jacob Parks

Welcome to the 28039: East Spencer rocks …

If you attended this event, please take a moment to share with us what you thought of the Southern Soul Music Festival at surveymonkey.com/r/southern-soul-survey. Your feedback will help us grow and improve this event in the future.

— Town of East Spencer

… Commissioners give architecture firm go-ahead …

$17.9 million to make just a part of the mall useable.

But, hey, who cares? We got the thing at a bargain basement price that was still more than the property was worth. This is exactly what those of us who opposed the mall purchase back when it first happened were concerned about.

— Eric Shock

Landis attorney relays SBI’s concerns

Why would Garver or anyone suggest voting for someone who will not accept if he should win?

Sounds like they want people to vote for him because, if he wins, then the board can just pick whoever they want to for his spot on the board.

People just need to be honest and stop trying to be sneaky to get what they want.

— Malia King Cobb

Ada Fisher: Impeach Congress, keep President Trump

I wouldn’t count Trump out either. The nasty, partisan attacks never end. Just as the big, bad collusion case proved to be a big nothing, I have a feeling this new attempt to destroy him will as well.

— Ron Scruggs

400-acre solar farm plans withdrawn …

It is nearly impossible to lose money on a solar farm investment, so the developers see Rowan County’s low-cost agricultural land as a treasure trove.

— Jeff Morris

This is just another way for Rowan County to stay in the 19th Century. Because trying to get us into the 21st century is yet another “liberal conspiracy” or some other excuse.

— Butch Young

Editorial: Solar farm wasn’t bad option …

To say “not in my backyard” is an insult to those that live nearby. Bias is showing and it isn’t for the ones near the site.

— Cynthia Hilliard

El Salvador native pursues dream of earning GED

In addition to her studies at RCCC, Matilde spent many hours working with a tutor at the Rowan County Literacy Council. She was a very dedicated student. We are so proud of her.

— Laurel Gray Harry



Board of elections discusses upgrading voting machines, making precinct changes


Lawmakers finalize how state will spend COVID-19 funds


Salisbury Station one of several ‘hot spots’ included in NCDOT rail safety study


Essie Mae Kiser Foxx appeal denied, school considering options


Iredell County votes to move Confederate memorial to cemetery


Lara Trump may have eyes on running for a Senate seat


Rowan among counties in Biden’s disaster declaration from November floods


PETA plans protest at Salisbury Police Department on Friday


Essie Mae Kiser Foxx appeal denied, charter revoked


29 new positives, no new COVID-19 deaths reported


Blotter: Woman charged with drug crimes


Nesting no more: Eagles appear to have moved on from Duke’s Buck Station


The Smoke Pit leaving downtown Salisbury for standalone building on Faith Road



High School

High school football: Hornets’ Gaither set the tone against West


Salisbury to show off new fire station


Livingstone College to host virtual Big Read events this month


City makes some appointments to local boards, holds off on others to seek women, appointees of color


Education briefs: RCCC instructor honored by Occupational Therapy Association


Second quarter financial update shows promising outlook for city’s budget


Genia Woods: Let’s talk about good news in Salisbury


City attorney will gather more information for Salisbury nondiscrimination ordinance


North Hills planning to hold May fundraiser in person

East Spencer

Developers aim to transform former Dunbar School site into multi-purpose community development