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Talkback: What readers say about …

Letter: Bike lanes not needed here

There is the word “protected” that is important to biking lanes.

It would be great to see the first protected biking lanes run from Catawba College to the Health Department. Catawba College students and residents could safely bike to Social Services, the Health Department, Walmart and other local businesses.

— Jackie Miller

Burlington Coat Factory and Home Goods to open …

I’m so excited for Burlington Coat Factory to come here. This will be a nice opportunity for new job openings as well. Good news.

— Kellie Martin

Letter: Gun control won’t prevent mass shootings in U.S.

As a veteran and target shooter (who has taken a lot of gun training), I know without question that assault rifles, semi-automatic rifles and large-capacity magazines have no place in civilian life. They should no longer be sold to civilians. What possible need is there for assault weapons designed to kill a lot of people quickly?

— Richard D. Sorensen

… Care Transport Group takes its tagline to heart

It is such a breath of fresh air to work with the folks at Care Transport Group.

They are professional in manner and appearance and have the caring and compassion our residents need. We have used the courier service as well with great success. If we did not have this service available, we would need to pull staff.

— Myrt Zawisky Shaff

As a medical professional. there has always been a big demand for transporting clients to and from medical facilities.

— Tina and Donnie Parks

At 43, mom gets her GED, fulfills dreams of education

I’m currently in the same boat as you. I am so happy we both made that decision to go back to school.

— Shamika Hinton

… Heggins’ travel expenses top those from recent mayors

Have you thought of comparing the amount of time each recent mayor spent promoting and representing the great city of Salisbury?

At an average of just $700 a trip and with a work ethic that goes beyond what is expected, Mayor Al Heggins is obviously an enthusiastic and dedicated supporter of her town.

— Karen McGee Puckett

I, for one, am pleased that our Mayor Al Heggins is using resources to better our community. Seems like something other mayors should have been invested in? I guess they don’t care as much about a better Salisbury.

— Ash Love

Why does an American mayor need to travel abroad? We separated from England’s rule back in 1776, so why are we looking to England for ruling tips or getaway trips?

— Cynthia Kaminski

It’s not your job the “sell” our city. Your job is to keep our community’s economy and citizens healthy, safe and thriving.

— Gerry Brown

Selling the city means that others view spending their money here as a good idea, which is always good for the community. That means you, the business owners, and the city as a whole. If that’s not the mayor’s job, then whose is it?

— Leilani Higgins Annand

What has Salisbury profited with these trips being taken? Does our City Council not have enough ideas on its own to make Salisbury a better city?

If not, maybe we should look at new people at election time.

— Phillip Bradshaw

From coast to coast, council and mayors are being spotlighted for travel expenses to the Hawaii mayors’ conference this year. The national organization should have thought more of its member cities before it scheduled it there.

— Jeff Morris

I’m not seeing the problem with this. It’s her first term and you have to expose the city and be present if you want the city to grow.

— Veleria Levy

… Study of gaming commission, sports betting approved

I commend Sen. Carl Ford and Rep. Larry Pittman for not believing in gambling. That said, they have no place to deny others the liberty to make that choice for themselves by imposing their personal morals on everyone else.

— Eric Shock

Landis Alderman Moore calls out board for lack of process …

The meeting was insane. Four of the men sitting at the head table apparently have Teflon suits — nothing is their fault. Just ask them.

Seth Moore is the only one up there with any credibility.

— Devin Moore

School system’s new model pulls from existing state standards

Basically, they want the state off their backs for having such low test scores but still plan to use the mandated material anyway? Why else would she say, “We don’t want to design a new test that is a better test. That’s why it’s taken so long.”

— Larry Kent Neal Jr.

Students in districts across North Carolina are doing very well on the high quality EOGs and EOCs. Every year, the number of students who are proficienct for their grade level improves. That leaves the big question. Why are RSS scores flat or in many cases going down, not up?

— Karen Bowyer

Excerpts from reader comments on www.salisburypost.com



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