Letter: A resolution for Sen. Carl Ford

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 6, 2019

“A day late and a dollar short,” Sen. Carl Ford? Are you so out of touch with your constituents that you can’t pick up the phone, call the mayor and ask her what you can do for the city of Salisbury in the state Senate at budget time?

A good state House or Senate representative should have integrity, empathy, morality, social intelligence and good judgment. They will lobby for bills that benefit their constituents, hold regular meetings and, most importantly, stay connected with the wishes of those they represent. So, what, Sen. Ford, are you doing in the state Senate to represent Salisbury?

Ford stated that he needed a proclamation from the City to get funding, but the city is too late. Obviously, I don’t think so. In the absence of a proclamation from the city, let me give one:

Whereas Sen. Ford:

• Does not communicate with his constituents.

• Cannot be counted on to be proactive.

• Does not know how to use a phone.

• Only listens to the people who voted for him.

• Does not listen to his constituents

• Has little skill in the Senate.

• Lacks good judgment, empathy and social intelligence.

Therefore be it resolved that Sen. Carl Ford is either not capable or unwilling to look after the best interests of the City of Salisbury and its residents.

— Michael S. Young