Education briefs

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 6, 2019

Salisbury High School students certified in Microsoft

Students in Janet Ross-Allen’s Microsoft classes are gaining certification in the Microsoft curriculum. The courses use the Microsoft software tools to enhance cross-curricular assignments while preparing students for the workforce.

This course is designed to enable students to use the commands and features of the newest versions of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel Interface to produce, present and create documents and reports.

Excel classes allow students to present, analyze and manipulate various types of data. Students will learn to manage workbooks and format data as well.

In May, more than 170 students earned Word, Powerpoint or Excel certification. Eight students have reached the Expert Level in the Word or Excel Interface. Antonia Koehler, an exchange student, gained five certifications this school year to take back to her home country of Germany.

City trains Salisbury High School students

Representatives of the city of Salisbury’s human resources department visited the Microsoft class earlier this month to host mock interviews with Salisbury High School students.

Students were able to answer actual questions used during a formal interview and received feedback to assist them prepare for jobs and the future.