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High school: 2019 All-Yadkin Valley Conference spring sports

Male Athlete of the Year:  Carson Lowder-North Stanly

Female Athlete of the Year:  Abbie Yarboro-West Montgomery

 The following athletes made all-conference for the spring sports season.

Golf : Spencer Everhart, North Rowan, Cameron Prince-GS, Noah Maness-GS, Lane Martindale-NM,Eli Williams-NS, Davis Hughes-SD, Mason Dennis-SS, Sam Gresham-SS, Stephen Spencer-UC, Barrett Dozier-UC, Camden Walker-UC, Don Johnson-UC

Player of the Year:  Stephen Spencer-UC

Coach of the Year:  Todd Spencer-UC

Tennis: Hans Roemer, North Rowan, J.D. Hager- North Rowan,Kevin Agner-GS, Lee Boone-GS, Gerardo Hernandez-NM, Levi Oliver-NS, Austin Braunsburg-NS, Caleb Lefler-SS, Duncan McSwain-SS, Tyler Papin-SS, Dale Yates-UC, Joseph Phetmixay-UC

Honorable Mention:  Miguel Mascaro-AL, Josue Peralta-NM, Arizona Day-NR, Kaleb Burrage-NS, Hayden Smith-SD, Ben Smith-SS

Player of the Year:  Hans Roemer-North Rowan

Coach of the Year:  Carla McSwain-SS

Softball:  Liv Gardner-GS, Karlie Griffin-GS, Bonnie Lambert-NM, Merris Talbert-NS, Mimi Selke-NS, Payton Landis-NS, Bayli Medlin-SD, Kamryn Oakes-SD, Kaitlyn Tucker-SS, Huntley Rummage-SS, Adison Campbell-SS, Sadie Lee-SS, Holly Barrier-SS, Haedyn Hill-UC, Abbie Yarboro-WM, Ivey Blake-WM, Madison Burris-WM, Abby Alderman-WM

Honorable Mention:  Lauren Wyatt-SD, Adrianna Efird-SS, Abbie Hurley-WM

Player of the Year: Abbie Yarboro-WM

Pitcher of the Year: Sadie Lee-SS

Coach of the Year:  David Poplin-SS

Baseball:  Jordan Goodine, North Rowan, Jack Foley-GS, Alex McDow-GS, Nick Lambert-NM, Vince Larsen-NM, Carson Lowder-NS, Rhett Lowder-NS, Brody Lowder-NS, Hunter Sells-NS, Drew Little-NS, Crafton Mansfield-SS, Drake Page-SS, Hayden Brown-SS, Colby Hammer-UC, Bryson Hamlet-UC, Colyn Grissom-UC, Spencer Lanier-UC, Jordan Smith-WM

Honorable Mention:  Logan Stoner, North Rowan, Gage Dennis-AL, Will Early-NM, Nic Melton-NS, Dalton Towery-SD, Sawyer Smith-SS, Tyler Campbell-UC, Payton Coble-WM

Player of the Year:  Carson Lowder-NS

Pitcher of the Year:   Rhett Lowder-NS

Coach of the Year:  Will Davis-NS

Soccer:  Jennifer Love, North Rowan, Karena Yang-AL, Anna Grace Sumner-GS, Peyton Disser-GS, Katie Leckonby-GS, Natalie Garner-GS, Charlotte Davis-NM, Kimberly Zuniga-NM, Brinn Kimrey-NS, Lexie Goode-NS, Katie Efird-SD, Gracie Apple-SD, Hanna Crump-SS, Keeli Crisco-SS, Josie Hinson-SS, Stephanie Henriquez-SS, Kristen Ferguson-UC, Sammie Kannika-WM

Honorable Mention:  Briana Jackson-AL, Morgan Trexler-GS, Trinity Cockman-NM, Alex Childress-NS, Krista Pierce-SD, Jacy Noble-SS, Kayla Spencer-UC

Player of the Year:  Anna Grace Sumner-GS

Coach of the Year:  Michael Curlee-SS

Girls track:  La’Kayla Birst, North Rowan, Somahje Porter-AL, Armani Baldwin-AL, Zycoria Tillman-AL, Armanie Sellers-AL, Danika Ray-GS, Cierra Daniel-NM, Lexi Goode-NS, Skylar Medlin-NS, Kelly Smith-NS, Alexandra Childress-NS, Nicole Lowder-NS, Mallory Russell-NS, Brinn Kimrey-NS, Carlee Dixon-NS, Colbie Lentz-NS, Emily Almond-NS, Taegan Lowder-NS, Lauren Hulin-SD, Melissa Avalos-SD

Honorable Mention:  Diamond Smith-AL, River McDuffie-NM, Avery Lyons-SD, Micaiah Kluttz-SS

Track Athlete of the Year:  Somahje Porter-AL

Field Athlete of the Year:  Nicole Lowder-NS

Coach of the Year:  Carla Ross-AL

Boys track:  Joshua Smith-AL, Julius Smith-AL, Antonio Burns-AL, Josh Megson-AL, Jaquavius Simon-AL, Malchi Baldwin-AL, Da’Sean Horne-AL, Jaylyn Johnson-NM, Wesley Reynolds-NS, Tanner Lowder-NS, Bailey Baker-NS, Chamar Watkins-NS, Jeremiah Ivory-SD, William Lyons-SD, Elijah Miller-SD, Everette Rhymer-SD, Brent Surratt-SD, Jitavis Huntley-SS

Honorable Mention:  Braxton Cochran-NM, Charles Milloway-SD, Justin Gaddy-SS

Track Athlete of the Year:  Joshua Smith-AL

Field Athlete of the Year:  Jitavis Huntley-SS

Coach of the Year:  Ryan Ochier-SS


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