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County to consider improving incentive deal …

Is there going to be any type of “claw-back clause” if said company leaves before the incentive deal is complete? What type of guarantee is Rowan receiving?

— Mark Lyerly

… Landis releases documents showing town manager earned $345,871 …

They need to look into all their spending — credit cards, cellphone bills and how they were paying for employee cellphones.

— Katrina Lane Daggett

As a former town employee who is now retired, I am speechless as I read these articles. My sympathies lie with the current employees as they will be the ones who will suffer this injustice along with the citizens of the town.

— Becki Edwards

The vehicle tax needs to be rescinded and refunds made to the citizens who have already bought tags. The money that was stolen is more than what revenue the town would acquire from the tax. Then the utility rates should be lowered as well as the property taxes.

— Kenny Goodman

Police looking for ‘persons of interest’ in vandalism …

A good investigator could and should have obtained a sample of the paint, sent it to the lab for analysis, determined who manufactured the paint and checked records of sales. Was this done? If not, why not?

— Russell Eller

These two probably aren’t from around the Salisbury area. Most likely, they are minions from one of the activist groups that immediately demanded “Fame” be taken down after she was vandalized.

— Vera Cope

Letter: Chairman Josh Wagner singing different tune

Wagner is not doing this by himself. He is simply taking the point for whatever reason. He is taking the heat off others on the board who agree with him. So, if you are going to hold him accountable, hold others accountable too.

— James Bucky Carter

Salisbury mayor open to holding public hearing on ‘Fame’

It is a beautiful statue, an angel with a dying soldier. I see no reason for its removal other than to cause pain in Salisbury. Spend your time tackling the important things concerning the health and well-being of our fellow citizens.

— Cynthia Hillard

Move the statue? Why? How about punishing the heathens that continually try to cause division and trouble?

— Tina Blakely

We don’t need a public hearing. We don’t need to move the statue. We need to leave the statue where it is. I am very sad to know that our mayor would entertain the thoughts of a public hearing.

— Cathy Cowan Basinger

My turn, Josh Wagner: School system’s consolidation …

I’m sorry, but the realignment plan shows a major lack of judgment, not just from the board but Superintendent Lynn Moody as well. She has served since 2013, and it is very apparent that Rowan-Salisbury Schools has seen a downward spiral since then. I feel our schools will not see any major improvement until she has been replaced.

— Larry Kent Neal Jr.

This doesn’t explain the necessity of such a short notice.

— Lee Roberts

It still boils down to the fact that test scores will look like they improved at Koontz if Faith is moved there. How can we believe anything you say when facts prove differently and why is the school board in such a hurry to do this?

— Mary Putnam Gilbert Little

My personal budget isn’t limitless. My tax dollars aren’t limitless. The school board shouldn’t spend them like they are. You can’t sit there and tell me that that’s the argument then turn around and say we need $75,000 worth of paint.

— Amanda Harbinson

… What is the school board’s arrangement with Mike Miller …

In other words, the consolidation and redistricting plans are being formulated by an outside third party with no vested interest in one school or part of the county over another?

— Eric Shock

As always nobody pays attention until their area is mentioned. Then they scream as if it’s the first they have heard of it.

— Theo Flemming

Rowan-Salisbury school board sets public hearings …

Why even have a meeting? They have already made up their minds and are going to do what they want.

— Wayne Bostian Sr.

This board is wanting to spend, spend, spend money it does not have. My voting in the future will involve more research on the candidates for school board and county commissioner.

— Sheila Corriher

… Landis residents may only have themselves to blame

The residents have been complaining for these 10 years, but the only people they could complain to are the very ones that have robbed them. It was not the residents that chose a town manager. It was the aldermen.

— Kelly Cooke Owens

Letter: Rededicating ‘Fame’ to all veterans could help

So, if someone doesn’t like the wording on one of your ancestor’s headstones, it’s OK for us to sandblast it and put our own wording on it?

— Donna Peeler Poteat

First let say I am a Sons of Confederate Veterans member. I understand change sometimes needs to happen.

I also have no problem adding the text “all soldiers.” But I would have a big problem if we try to remove the word “Confederacy.”

— Grant Eagle



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Granite Quarry

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China Grove

China Grove will celebrate 40th Farmers Day with week full of festivities


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Panel OKs NC Senate budget bill; Dems pan policy provisions


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As demand lessens slightly, local homebuilders work through challenges to deliver dwellings


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Livingstone College alumna Quanera Hayes makes U.S. Olympic Team after first-place finish in 400-meter race


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East Rowan High graduate killed in motorcycle crash


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