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Talk back: What online readers say about …

Fox honored
with Black History Celebration award

Wonderful and very inspiring. Just what we need to bring the village back.

— Lynda Sloan

God bless you in grace and peace mother Fox. I have nothing but fond memories of growing up with your family. You are the apple of his eye.

— George Jackson

She’s an awesome lady and truly loved. She was a great friend to my mother. She truly deserved this recognition.

— Miriam Parker Keller

… Officials look to East Spencer for next I-85 interchange

McCanless Road is not a direct access to Dan Nicholas Park.

Bringle Ferry Road leads directly to that location as well as High Rock Lake.

When the widening operation began, that’s where the exit and entrance ramps should have been placed — between Exit 76 and 79 on Bringle Ferry Road.

— James Lambert

A long time ago when they widened Bringle Ferry Road, they wished to have it connected to I -85. However, it was supposedly to close to the Innes Street exit. So it was a no-go.

East Spencer has plans for a new entrance, and it’s at Andrews Street and Old Union Church Road — Exit 79. Dan Nicholas has very little trouble drawing a crowd. It’s one of the best sites in the county.

— Mark Lyerly

US, North Korea offer dueling accounts of talks breakdown

Who should we believe? A tinpot dictator subject to outrageous claims of personal prowess, who flaunts the rule of law to enrich himself through any means necessary and subjugates his people through denial of basic rights?

Or Kim Jong Un?

— Chris Coleman

New pastor hopes to lead John Calvin Presbyterian …

Kate, you rock. I always say that nobody ever really leaves St. Mark. They only depart to take St. Mark into the world. Well done, my friend. I’m super proud of you.

— Deanna Dennis

Elizabeth Duncan Koontz remembered at annual awards

One can’t say enough about the tireless dedication and service of Meredith Williams. It is an honor to work with her. She improves the lives of both students and teachers.

— Leigh Ann Alexander

… Community college names new vice president

I have worked with Natasha (Lipscomb) for years. She is very responsive and truly cares about her students.

— Jackie Harris

We are so proud of Ms. Lipscomb and know she will represent her community and college well.

We look for greater things to come in her future as she works for others. She is a great leader and definitely the best person for the job.

— Ramona Cox-Stanback

… The Family Closet 2 provides disabled people a place to work

This is such a nice place to shop. Next to Nazereth’s it’s the only consignment shop I go to. She carries all sizes for men and women. Plus, everyone always has a smile to greet you when you enter and leave.

— Renee Starnes

Cokie and Steven Roberts: Lord
of the lies

It is unfortunate that the Trump haters will go to any and all routes to discourage anything and everything President  Donald Trump (my president) does.

— Danny Patterson

Search for a kidney becomes mission to raise awareness

Tom has always been an inspiration to the youth of the community. I met him through my daughter playing AAU basketball. He and his family are awesome. I even found out I live next door to his brother. The whole family is wonderful.

— Joan Gish Arrington

Letter: Only one kind of ‘fake news’

Keep telling the truth, Mr. Poole. Don’t let those who insist on being on the wrong side of history stop you.

— Lisa Staton Dyer

School board talks through CTE high school plan

North Rowan is already outfitted for the proposed courses. They are determined to shut North out. I took brick laying at North during my time there. There are labs set up and that kind of money would put North in contention as it has been ignored to date in maintainence. Choices have already been made and North will be the sacrificial lamb.

— Chris Sharpe

I would like to see the full itemized budget publicized and the sources of proposed payouts listed. One thing we must eliminate is financial waste, with teachers so critically underpaid, students lacking tools and resources to compete with other counties scholastically, school buildings needing renovations, and updated technology improvements.

— Constance Johnson

Would the renovation and upfit costs plus the ongoing expenses associated with bussing students to and from this school offset the cost of offering a variety of vocational classes at each high school?

— Roy Bentley

Josh Bergeron: Decisions await for RSS redistricting

This plan actually makes some sense. Not something RSS is known for, and John makes a good point that people in-house probably should have been able to come up with this on their own. What does it say about district “leadership” that they need an outside consultant to find common- sense solutions?

— James Bucky Carter

Letter: No legitimate reason for socialism in America

Everybody has a right to vote, even if they are socialists, but we know how Republicans love to stop people from voting.

— William H. Moffitt

Voting has its restrictions. One has to be of legal age and has to be a legal resident in the district where the voting occurs in order to vote.

Voting is a privilege granted by the government, with restrictions. If it were a “right,” as in “God-given rights” as known in the American system, then everyone could vote anywhere and everywhere regardless of restrictions.

— Steve Poteat

… Should judge be able to strike amendments?

One factor to consider is that the Superior Court judge must have been aware that his ruling would send it up the judicial chain, ultimately to be considered by the U.S. Supreme Court. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had made his ruling in such a way as to help ensure it finds its way to higher courts. In fact, considering the open partisan bias he displayed in his opinion, he was guaranteeing it.

— Eric Shock


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