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Talkback: What online readers say about …

… On social media, Ford ignores facts

I was blocked as well when I added that I hoped that, although his numbers were inaccurate, the post meant he would introduced legislation for free or low-cost birth control and fact based sex education over an abstinence-based curriculum.

These have both been shown to lower teen pregnancy and abortions.

Being blocked showed me he doesn’t actually want solutions, just to get his base hyped up.

—Rebecca Williams

… Crosby named as Carson’s head coach

Congratulations, Daniel. In your days at CGMS, it was evident that you would be successful in life. You always displayed high character, leadership, great relationships with fellow students, educators and your teachers.

— Glenn Eagle

RSS’ renewal planning raises questions …

Of course, nixing standardized testing at every level would be ideal but not practical at this time. As Rowan-Salisbury Schools moves forward, I hope they’ll see that, while wonderful for the high school kids and faculty, easing testing requirements at the upper level will never have the long-lasting effects of actually changing students’ attitudes toward learning, “stick-with-it-ness,” grit and desire for authentic education.

— James Bucky          Carter

Kenneth Abel testifies against cousins …

Nobody gets away with murder and robbery. So sad. Ask yourself: was it worth it?

— Gloria Caldwell

Interim town manager, finance officer look to stabilize Landis …

It is easy to understand how Landis got in this predicament if the town board’s attitude is “not my responsibility.” If the current board feels this way, then apparently the previous boards felt this way. Then, what you have is employees with highly visible and highly responsible positions answering to no one but themselves.

— Susan Stokes   Shirley

After reading this article, I would like to know what the credentials are that Deputy Police Chief Roger Hosey has to hold this position. I cannot say enough that Mayor Mike Mahaley cannot be trusted.

— Linda B. Propst

For the mayor to say it’s not his responsibility and that he’s not involved is an unbelievable statement to make. You were elected to make it your business. I sit here shaking my head in total disbelief.

— Becki Edwards

Tony Corriher should be the head of it all. He’s the only one that is truly trustworthy.

— Randy Howard

The best option for Landis residents is to vote in the next election and vote Mayor Mike Mahaley out the door.He is completely at fault but is obviously trying to cover his own hide.

— Lara Smith

Searchers, emergency personnel discontinue search …

It is so sad this has not been a better outcome for this family.

I know several of the people who were in this search and spent many exhausting hours trying to find him.

I am still praying for a positive outcome for this family and all those involved.

— Vickii McCurdy Lumsden

… Only voting could remove Sen. Ford

North Carolina is now the most partisan gerrymanded state in the U.S.A. We cannot vote anyone like Sen. Carl Ford out until we get representative districts rather than partisan districts.

— Eric Marsh

East Rowan boys’ season ends with win, fight at North Iredell

Why does the school system need an athletic director? Doesn’t each high school have one? It’s another waste of money from the education system.

— Eric Vandeford

… Party leaders won’t confront most extreme members

You can find extremists in any group. The difference is whether the opinions held by them are prevalent throughout that group.

— Chris Coleman

Letter: Time to take action about guns, mental health

It’s about time we start holding parents accountable.

It’s about time we start holding politicians accountable. It’s about time we start holding teachers accountable. More gun laws will not reduce crime. Enforce the existing laws. That will reduce crime along with all the above.

— Danny Patterson

Responsible parenting is no longer the norm these days. We continue to let politicians and the media divide us along many lines and, sadly, too many people follow right along.

— Howard White

Compassion, teamwork help paramedic …

I absolutely love Sally. She is such an amazing and beautiful person. She’s great at what she does and has such compassion for others.

— Jennifer Christine Santee

College basketball: Great Catawba team has reunion

As a parent, I am thankful my son had the opportunity to be on this team and play for such great coaches as Coach Jim Baker and Coach Haggerty.

— Lynn Ridenhour Parks

Craft beer retail store gets approval …

Salisbury Wine Shop has done an admirable job in trying to fit this niche. But their wheelhouse is, and always has been, wine. A store focusing their business on craft beers will be a welcome addition.

— Eric Shock

… Green New Deal reminds of ambition in America’s DNA

Yes, the Green New Deal is a statement of idealism and what the nation should strive for. How many people doubted that JFK would accomplish the space goals that he set?

We must strive for these lofty goals if we are to have a better world.

— Pat Bullard

Mayor Heggins’ ICE statement came as surprise …

I’m a member of this community and fully support Mayor Al Heggins’ statement regarding ICE raids in the region.

Please contact other City Council members offering your support for the mayors statement.

There are an army of folks in the community that support the mayor’s statement and our undocumented sisters and brothers in the community, contrary to the narrative created by Karen Alexander, David Post and the Salisbury Post.

— Anthony Smith



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Downtown Salisbury bullish on potential for more residential space


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‘All Critters Big and Small’ program coming to library


Area Sports Briefs: Former A.L. Brown standout Cambrea Sturgis wins two sprint events


RSS administration to recommend return to five-day school week


Baseball notebook: Wingate wins national championship; high schools set sights on playoffs


Gene Seaford gets fifth career ace at age 90


Livingstone seeking nominees for inaugural ‘Forty Under 40’ Society


‘Stopping that cycle’: Edman named director of Prevent Child Abuse Rowan


Biden urges G-7 leaders to call out and compete with China


Rash of mass shootings stirs US fears heading into summer


Landis town staff, Duke Energy work through the night to fix major power outage


College baseball: Top-seeded Arkansas routs NC State 21-2


Teacher accused of assaulting at-risk teen at New London military-style school


NC court: Students can use constitution to fight bullying


Vaccine surplus grows as expiration dates loom


Justice Department will review restrictive voting laws in Republican-controlled states