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School board talks about redistricting data

I would like to see Spencer and East Spencer form their own public school district, take their allocation of state funds away from RSS and do things their own way. The only way those communities are going to get taken care of in any equitable way is if they do it themselves. As the saying goes, if you’re in an abusive relationship, the most important thing you can do is take your children and leave.

— James Bucky Carter

Cokie and Steven Roberts: Information before impeachment

Yes, information is needed.

The more we learn, the more we see how corrupt the Trump administration is.

The prolific lies and misdeeds of the occupant of the White House are astounding. I fear greatly that this nation will not survive to see the end of President Donald J. Trump.

— Pat Bullard

School bus driver charged with assault on 7-year-old student

It makes me sad and very angry. I have two grandchildren with special needs. Just the thought of someone hitting these kids makes me sick. The bus driver should be charged and fired.

— Darlene Eaton Peoples

There’s supposed to be an adult on the bus with the bus driver. If they didn’t report the abuse, why are they not facing charges?

It’s so sad that the child had to suffer. We will never know how long this has been going on.

— Michalla Allen

County finalizing plans to repurpose Cleveland Elementary

Wonderful idea. There could be tutoring, literacy programs and community activities. It will be a great asset for Cleveland and surrounding areas.

— Patty Bishop

Great for the people of west Rowan, but whats going to happen to the school in Woodleaf?

— Mark Lyerly

Pelosi abandons Afghanistan trip, says Trump disclosed plans

I’m sure almost the entire U.S. is sick of this pettiness going on between the Republicans and the Democrats.

People are working without pay and will lose their homes. My idea: lock all members of Congress along with Trump in a big room and lock the doors. Do not let anyone out until our government is running again.

— Jennifer J. Doering

My turn, Nan Lund: County doubled down on losing fight

Sounds to me like you are trying to shift blame to the commissioners for a fight that you and two others started. You complain about the commissioners costing us money, but in my opinion, God is worth fighting for. Taking him out of everything is what’s wrong with our country.

— J.P. Miller

Rep. Warren to focus on single-use plastic legislation

I believe there are much more important issues to tackle besides plastic straws.

— Lynn Kesler

Sometimes even the smallest things make the biggest difference. We need to consider the plastic situation. Thank you Rep. Harry Warren for your service to the citizens of N.C.

— Becky Fortson Wood

Single-use plastics are an environmental hazard and I applaud his efforts to enact meaningful reform and to incentivize the lessening of plastic usage in this state.

— Andrew Poston

I hope this sentiment for environmental concern remains when they try to drill oil wells off the coast of N.C. Rep. Harry Warren, what are you going to do then? Are you going to buck the GOP on that? I agree there are more issues like poor education and poverty in Rowan that you should be working on.

— George Benson

Editorial: City must lead more tough conversations on race

The incisive and acutely developed Resolution on Reconciliation is a testament to the depth of thought that went into its writing.

It is to the city council’s great credit that they saw fit to pass it unanimously.

But, yes, more conversations on race and inequity must be had — this resolution is a preface to give us a directional grounding for work that must be done.

— Whitney Peckman

Commissioners Jim Greene, Greg Edds, and Craig Pierce should personally compensate the county for the nearly $300,000 they have foolishly cost the county.

The county should not have to pay for their extremism.

— Seth Matthew Holtzman

Josh Bergeron: Roadside litter easy to prevent

Great article. One also needs to be conscious of not generating excessive waste in the first place. 300 pounds of trash on one road each day adds up fast. Multiple that by roads all over this country and world and you can see we have a problem. It may not seem like a big deal to bring cloth bags to shop or not ask for a straw, but it adds up, too.

  Joanne Bryla

It is a cultural problem, and therefore a hearts-and-minds issue. Too many folks are afflicted with “somebody else syndrome,” with symptoms including it’s somebody else’s fault, somebody else’s problem, somebody else should pay for it and, in this instance, somebody else needs to pick it up.

— Bruce LaRue

… Overdose numbers are down, but abuse is still rampant

Luckily for Rowan County, we have a director of the Heath Department and other community leaders that want those individuals to have healthy, productive lives without berating them for their addiction. It is important to step outside of ourselves to find a solution rather than pointing fingers and playing the blame game.

— Jennifer Jones

Man in country illegally charged with drug trafficking

Why was this illegal immigrant allowed to be released on bond? He had “11 pounds of high-grade marijuana” worth around $30,000 plus he had a weapon. What is wrong with our judicial system?

— Richard E Wagner

North Rowan High School to remain open through redistricting

If the school had been adequately maintained, the category very easily would be a moot point. Dereliction of maintenance falls on whose shoulders? I realize that this is a “would of/could of” conversation, but it is a real conversation. Buying time for parents to get their transportation situation together is a demonstrative slap in the face.

— Chris Sharpe

This sounds like a stalling tactic, waiting until they can find a way to shift blame or have another body create some reason to close North Rowan High. Be wary.

— Timothy Michael



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High School

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East Spencer

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