Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 5:34 pm Thursday, January 17, 2019

China Grove’s Carl Ford moves from state House to Senate

Carl, will be a valuable asset to our state. He will serve us well with integrity and honesty.

— Zack Sizemore

Letter: How are they calling in support of shutdown?

Just so you know, there is an 800 number set up for this sole purpose. Also, citizens were urged to call their senators directly in support of the wall. I can’t personally say who has called, but the opportunity is indeed there. So, no, he didn’t lie.

— Todd Mary Wilhelm

Union members protest shutdown near Salisbury VA hospital

It’s amazing how it always boils down to being Trump’s fault and no one else’s.

— Ashleigh Cupp

Text of revised Resolution of Reconciliation

I’m just a little confused. I’m fine with the resolution, but is it a resolution for African-Americans or for all people that have suffered unjustly? It only mentions African-Americans specifically and refers broadly to everyone else.

And why, specifically, is one case of injustice mentioned? There have been so many cases of injustice throughout the time the United States has been in existence.

— Theo Flemming

Mr. Paul’s Garden: It’s a name that fits

The garden is welcoming and embodies hospitality just like Paul Fisher. When you enter the garden gate, there is an immediate sense of peace. Don’t miss it.

— Betsy                  Lindley Jones

.. Council joins school consolidation conversation

Did Mayor Heggins take part in the committee that came up with the proposal? We were told that all of the municipalities in the county were all invited to send a delegate, namely the mayor. If not Salisbury’s mayor, then who attended? If the answer is no one, then why not?

— Eric Shock

… Landis attracted state’s attention for overspending issue

The town of Landis sucks. It is ridiculous how the power and water bills are so high. I’m so glad I moved out of that town a few years ago. I hope this continues to get investigated.

— Christina Martin Thompson

If Landis has all those new police cars, why don’t they enforce the law? The streets are nothing but a race track. Nobody goes the speed limit or stops at stop signs. I walk every day, and I’m afraid I’m going to get killed. Zion Street is a drag strip

— Phyllis Robinson

Too many people I’ve seen struggle with the power bill around here. It’s extremely high.

— Jarrett Freeze

We have lived in Landis for many years and have seen the utility bills continue to increase to ridiculous amounts, especially for water and sewer. I love my home, my community and my neighbors, but I fear my ability to continue to afford to live here in my retirement. With the tax increase, the new car registration fee and climbing utilities, it is a grave concern.

— Marsha Reese

The real issue is that Landis has no income coming in as a city and the resulted is that the people have to pay. They have two banks, one gas station, a small mill, one middle school and Luke’s Corner. You need more businesses.

— Brandon Spencer

If they don’t soon do something about the high water and electric bills, people are going to start moving out of the city limits.

We have lived here 20 years. We love our neighborhood, but we have talked about moving simply because of the ridiculous high rates.

— Malia King Cobb

The town explanations appear to admit that they don’t use their approved budget as a true management tool. They state the practice is to wait until the last month of the year, approve “amendments to the budget” that match what they spent. Then, everything is magically OK. For the board of aldermen to truly control spending, it has to approve the budget at a meeting before the spending occurs, not after.

— Doug Sokolowski

… Prayer suit over, but where’s apology?

I suggest a GoFundMe so the people who supported this nonsense can pay for it. Maybe the local churches can start a collection. It is unacceptable that this violation of the Constitution should fall on the tax payers.

— Chris Borre

… Resolution positions Salisbury at vanguard of history

Children learn about the Holocaust and all the gritty details. Why, then, is the truth buried or avoided about the beginnings of the Democrats and the Klu Klux Klan? There is factual history that is not taught to children in fear that they would shun such a horrible party, the Democrats.

— Walter Vaughn III

Letter: Resolution delay good idea

I just do not see anything positive about dragging up 1906. I do not feel that the Salisbury City Council should be investing so much time on something of which people in 2019 were not participants. There are so many positive things that the council and the citizens of Salisbury should be working on.

— Cathy Cowan Basinger

We have more serious issues in Salisbury than this — the opioid crisis, schools, homelessness and people moving out of the city. Let this go and move forward.

— Kathy Seybold

Salisbury City Council passes resolution …

I envisioned an Equity Commission that would “judge policies and practices that obstruct equity or evidence of disparity” according to its opinion and get city employees fired, put local merchants out of business, accuse the police department of being full of white supremacists and eventually demanding restitution and reparation. Thank you, City Council, for nipping that one in the bud.

— Vera Cope

I gave Martin Luther King Jr. the last word in my book about the 1902 and 1906 lynchings. It’s good that Salisbury has given him the last word this day. We still have a ways to go, but this is a start.

— Susan                     Barringer Wells

Superintendent pitches consolidation to Rotary Club

Instead of pitching her plan, Superintendent Lynn Moody should be listening to the community and evaluating its input. That has not happened. The majority of high schools in this state are not 4A.

I am asking Moody to come to North Rowan High School for an open forum and give the taxpayers more than 30 minutes to offer concerns and suggestions.

— Rusty Miller

More classes does not mean better classes and it usually ends up meaning poorer outcomes. Having this as a key “pro” for larger schools indicates that somebody didn’t really do their homework on this.

— Timothy Michael