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Deeds Issued from the Office of Register of Deeds John Brindle

Atwell Township   

S&D Homes, LLC to Christy Cline Box, $107,000

JSSP, LLC to William Edward Love, $295,000

Vic Alan Mullis and wife to Felix R. Barr and wife, $40,000

Laurence Martin Cone, Jr. to Robert E. Weisenberger, Jr. and wife, $2,250,000

Jeffrey Lachine and spouse to Carlos Stanko Orel and spouse, $266,000

Kenneth V. Taffaro to Marc A. Tsakis, $138,000

China Grove Township

True Homes, LLC to Rolaunda S. McCullough and spouse, $168,000

Danny J. Parker to Patricia Castiglia, $132,500

True Homes, LLC to Jonathan Christopher Allen and spouse, $218,500

True Homes, LLC to Jennifer McLean and spouse, $174,500

Margaret C. McCombs to Jane Carol Shuping, $53,500

Town of Landis to Wellspring Carolina Investments, LLC, $5,500

True Homes, LLC to Destiny C. Spivey, $199,000

True Homes, LLC to Jose Luis Lopez Melara, Jr. and spouse, $214,500

Philip A. Glass, Substitute Trustee to State Employees’ Credit Union, $149,000

Xa Xiong and wife to James W. Carey, $45,000

New Life Developers, LLC to James Petrea; Kristina Keating, $169,000

New Life Develoers, LLC to Kayleigh Fessenden, $162,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, dba Christiana Trust, as trustee for Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, $110,500

Brookfield Relocation, Inc. to Ashley B. Beason ; Michael Rohan, $165,000

John W. Welch and wife to Seth Bennett and wife, $67,000

Steve Pennington and wife to PP&I, LLC, $70,000

Golanda L. Spencer to MTR Property Management, LLC, $50,000

Power Homes, Inc. to Michael Gibbs, $85,000

Joann L. Crosby; Janett L. Ross to Matthew Eric Jones, $84,000

Cleveland Township

Ethan Tyler Martin and wife to Ronald E. Young, $152,000

Alvin C. Edwards, Jr. and spouse to Tray R. Johns and spouse, $216,500

Franklin Township

Carolina A. Parmiter; Ronald Scott Parmiter to Garfield L. Evans, Jr.; Tavia A. Evans, $180,000

EarlyFalsom Properties, Inc. to Ashlyn Genova; Michael Martel, $111,000

Johnny Howard Lewis to Rafael Sanchez, $40,000

Seth M. Taylor and wife to Esraa Corporation, $400,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, dba Christiana Trust, as trustee for BCAT2014-4TT to Nicolas Trejo, $179,500

J&E Land Holding Company, LLC to SDH Charlotte, LLC, $150,000

Gold Hill Township

Lennar Carolinas, LLC to Clifton Bennie Newby, Jr. and wife, $212,500

Barbara S. Wingerson to Jerod Jacobs and wife, $148,000

Kayla Miller Lakey and husband to Cynthia L. Miller, $150,000

Midatlantic IRA, LLC, FKA Entrust Midatlantic, LLC, FBO Nisara Patamawenu IRA (10%); Midatlantic IRA, LLC, FKA Entrust Midatlantic, LLC FBO Teerasak Patamawenu IRA (50%); Nisara Patamawenu and husband  (40%) to Lisa Carole Shay, $79,000

Jason Ronald Crowell and wife to 1011 Heatherdale Rd. Land Trust, $67,000

Christopher A. Williams and wife; Dustin Allen Williams to Samuel Lucas Rape and wife, $136,000

Carolyn Cauble Hartung;Marcus Dwayne Cauble and wife; Alaina Cauble Martin and husband to Mark D. Thrower and wife, $1,000

Ted J. Morris to Land of America, LLC, $2,000

Land of America, LLC to Ashley Armstrong, $6,500

William Earl Hill and wife to Hubert R. Ridenhour and wife, $37,500

Paul Stephen Webster and wife; Donna Webster Poole and husband to Mark L. Patton, $135,000

Litaker Township

Unique Design and Development, Inc. to David K. McAnulty, $37,500

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to Wayne M. Cline and wife, $231,000

John T. Hudson, Guardian of Penny M. Casey to MK Myint, Inc., $6,000

Gerald S. Sprinkle and wife to Jerry M. Huffmand and wife, $25,000

Jesse L. Wingler and wife to Danny L. Cress and wife, $208,000

Betty Lou Hogan Stirewalt to Richard Jason Wright and wife, $30,000

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to John A. Messina and wife, $228,500

J&E Land Holding Company, LLC to SDH Charlotte, LLC, $180,000

Virgnina Ann Wilhelm to Toa Nguyen and wife, $305,000

Locke Township

WJH, LLC to Richelle Pugh, $123,000

WJH, LLC to Aisha L. Epps, $122,500

Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. to Lori Cress Burke, $55,000

Paul A. McInnis and wife to Otto Borden, $220,000

Herbert Ron Miller and wife to Southern Prestige, LLC, $25,000

WJH, LLC to Imari T. Gallman, $132,000

Douglas Stevens and wife to Clarence Keziah; Barbara Brown,  $80,000

Sheila C. Evans and husband to Ivan J. Hernandez, $28,000

Morgan Township

Jerry Allen Holshouser and wife to Phillip E. Holshouser, $58,500

Jerry Allen Holshouser, Individually and as Manager of Jean Holshouser, LLC; Patricia R. Holshouser, Individually and as Manager of Jean Holshouser, LLC; Phillip E. Holshouser, Individually and as Manager of Jean Holshouser, LLC; Tara T. Holshouser, Individually to Lomartire Realty Trust, $830,000

Peggy Green to Steve Zeigler and wife, $42,000

Roy Lee Hartford, Sr. to Teramore Development, LLC, $135,000

Mount Ulla Township

Christopher Roseman and wife to Roseman Real Estate & Construction, LLC, $429,500

American Land Corporation to Francis J. Weigand, Jr. and wife, $48,000

Joseph Scherer and wife to James J. Maskulyak and wife, $240,000

Providence Township

Bill R. Dover and wife to Mark Christian Daines and wife, $232,000

John S. Brunson; Judith N. Brunson to Cody Barnhardt, $73,500

Ellen Ludwick Marsh to Jappe Properties, LLC, $500

Salisbury Township

Southeast STB Portfolio, LLC to Gorjian Salisbury Realty LLC $1,000,000

Steadfast Capital Management, LLC to Adams R. Halim; Salina P. Siddique, $83,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, $30,500

OfferPad (SPVBorrower1), LLC to Austin Jeffrey Miller and spouse, $199,000

Conatus, LLC to Gema Salvatierra, $110,000

Jane Grogan Smith-Steinberg to Margaret Wyatt, $53,500

Joel K. Sheets and spouse to Homes by Exodus, LLC (50%); JKK Designs, LLC (50%), $44,000

US Bank National Association, as trustee for Bear Stearns Asset-Backed Securities to Kevin E. Drake, $40,000

Karen B. Rufty to Connie J. Crane, $60,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, NA $61,000

Jeffrey E. Moore; Leigh Ann Y. Moore to Key Homes, LLC, $18,000

Teresa M. Frank to Gina M. Blume, $129,000

Christine T. Leary and husband to Rod A. Felderman and wife, $172,500

Cape Fear Trustee Services, LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association “Fannie Mae,” $32,000

Kristin Trexler to Austin L. Handy; Allyson M. Handy, $188,000

ARC HR5NCTN001, LLC to Sameer Hamouch, $120,000

The Sherwin-Williams Company to Pachyderm Properties, LLC, $1,224,000

Jon P. Weddington and wife to Pendleton Creek Farms Constructin, Inc., $145,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for Argent Securities, Inc. to Dennis Alexander Ferrufino, $25,500

Steadfast Capital Management, LLC to Joshua G. Gresham, $68,500

D & E Real Estate, LLC to Barry Jones,  $117,500

Coco Properties, LLC to Samuel Golden, $10,000

RREF ST-NC SPKK, LLC to NCP Bayou 2, LLC, $500

Timothy Sknar and wife to Ryan Scott Ensign and wife, $129,000

Prestige Investment, LLC to Coy Partners, Inc., $24,000

Fairmont Terrace, LLC to Ryan W. Disseler, $180,000

Scotch-Irish Township

Delmar Neill McDaniel to The Sara Kirk Killian GST Exempt Trust for John Kirk Killian, $500,000

Steele Township

James M. Greene and wife to Nathan Reynolds, $10,000

Unity Township

S. Cashion, LLC to Darshitkumar Patel, $1,000,000



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Seven new COVID-19 deaths, 166 positives reported in county this week


Sheriff’s office: Two charged after suitcase of marijuana found in Jeep


Thomasville officer hospitalized after chase that started in Rowan County


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29 new positives, no new COVID-19 deaths reported


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High School

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Salisbury to show off new fire station


Livingstone College to host virtual Big Read events this month


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