Letter: Why can’t adults just work for common good?

Published 6:04 pm Tuesday, January 8, 2019

When will grown-ups learn that cooperation is better than conflict?

How often do we see an adult tug-of-war with the same results? Neither side gets what he/she wants and both are disappointed.

Meanwhile, when one side wins completely and the winner takes all, that’s no better. The loser feels defeated, defrauded and resentful. The winner learns the victory was not worth the struggle.

Tug-of-wars often come from our self-centered desires.

Desires for power can lead to competition between two leaders and the groups that follow them. And, it’s already bad enough when one person fights with selfish desires.

Are tactics to gain popularity and leadership worth it? It is time to put an end to such unseemly competition.

Even without bloodshed, a fight can be tragic. The conflict is almost as disgraceful as a bloody battle would be. Nobody wins.

One belittles or denounces another or two groups defame each others integrity.

What happened to uniting in harmonious work for the progress of the good?

— Terry Reece

China Grove