Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 30, 2018

Atwell Township   

James Worth Holcombe and wife to Gwen F. Davis; Paul L. Davis, $51,000

Jeffrey S. Phillips and spouse to David McDonnell and spouse; Bradley Thomas McDonnell, $216,000

Cedarview Properties, LLC to Jesse Norris and wife, $163,000

Harvey F. Whitley and wife to Randy P. Whitley and wife, $40,000

China Grove Township

Dennis F. Johnson to Richard R. Odom and wife, $35,000

Robert L. Harden and wife to Matthew Ryan Wallace, $55,000

PP&I, LLC to Misty Sullivan Wright, $175,000

Jonathan Snider and wife to Christopher A. Long, $130,000

Gary W. Laton, LLC to Tammie Li Langley, $146,500

Jimmy Childress and spouse; Debrea Dipert and spouse; Carol Corl to Katharine S. Price and spouse, $274,000

Revere Property Investments, LLC to Abelardo Hernadez Benitez, $119,500

Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, $40,000

Juan Ramon Salamanca and spouse to Robert M. Almeida, $116,000

Danny G. Coe and wife to Keanan Price Watts, $130,000

Diane Debow to Dylan Jordan Smith, $165,000

Keith Wayne Childers and wife to LH Waterfront Condos, LLC, $92,500

Shelby Belk and husband to Donahue Properites, Inc., $19,000

Thomas Darrell Efird and wife to Jessica Efird Helms and husband, $250,000

True Homes, LLC to Robert J. Todd, $260,500

Teramore Development, LLC to RusRhon Investments, LLC, $1,565,000

Christy Cline Box to Verna R. Robinson and husband, $190,000

Lisa C. Tucker, Executor of the Estate of Maude Menius Rumple; Jean Rumple Carl to Jaime Lemus Adame, $42,500

Jessica Ann Erwin to Jody A. Holloman and wife, $30,000

Osiel Otero Perez; Jose Luis Charles Landaverde and spouse to Jay Bratcher; J’Tramon Sae-Tiew, $130,000

Julian M. Sides, Executor of the Brown Julian Sides Estate; Julian M. Sides and wife; Louise Sides Ridenhour; Hubert Richard Ridenhour and wife; Pamela Ridenhour Honeycutt and husband; Betty S. Beaver to Benjamin J. Nelson and wife, $300,000

Cleveland Township

Vivian A. Paterson; Carol P. Copper and husband; Scott Patterson, Jr.; Marsha P. Jerman; Alvin Patterson to Oscar L. Patterson and wife, $6,000

Susan G. Lippard to ERJ Commerce NC, LLC, $130,000

Franklin Township

Bryan W. Sebastian to Dana Edward Parkhurst, $78,000

Bonnie L. Kraigsley and husband to W. Laine Byers and wife, $42,500

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, $92,500

Optimistic Venture Group, LLC to David A. Batres, $38,000

Mary Lee Earnhardt and husband to Santos A. Menjivar, $27,000

Frankie L. Raymer and wife to Jameson Wooten and wife, $120,000

Andrew David Annand and wife to Steven J. Peacock and wife, $325,000

Gold Hill Township

Bruce Wayne Heglar and wife to Michael Kent Jones, $141,000

Welcome Home Construction Company to Carleigh S. Wetmore; Daniel Phillip Wetmore, $230,000

Ronald L. Jacobs and wife to David A. Carroll and wife, $47,000

Dana Wilson Pickler to Justin P. Hales and wife, $195,000

Brooke Misenheimer Stouder, fka Mary Brooke Misenheimer and husband to Devon Gage Graham and wife, $172,000

Tracy J. Trexler and spouse to Jonathan Walters and spouse, $258,000

Jack D. Duncan and wife to Jesse J. Chillemi and wife, $147,000

Litaker Township

NC Facility, LLC to Intertape Polymer Woven USA Inc., $663,000

Locke Township

Richard J. Wright and spouse to Richard Scott Wood and spouse, $272,000

Gary L. Graham and wife to Donald A. Mann and wife, $65,000

Gail L. Whitaker and husband to Donna Jones Moose, $40,000

Morgan Township

1st Choice Housing, Inc. to Kathy Jean Hutchens, $109,000

Providence Township

Marcus D. Koontz and wife to Central Piedmont Builders, Inc., $78,500

James W. Barber and wife to Leif W. Welde and wife, $80,000

Georgia L. Bellamy, by and through her attorney-in-fact, Lavonne B. Smith; Kathy Teresa Locklear to Joshua Derek Rogers and wife, $31,000

VRC Services, Inc. to Larry Barnette, $100,000

Salisbury Township

Nancy E. Osborne to Duane Galloway and wife, $167,000

Chad Vriesema to Marcus D. Koontz and wife, $550,000

Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County to Savanna Leigh Honeycutt, $100,000

Robert Herman Hill to Terry L. Gladden, $65,000

Alan Theriault and wife to Robert A. Hogan and wife, $199,000

Elizabeth Gantt Jordan, by and through her attorneys-in-fact, Mary J. Riggsbee and Elizabeth C. Jordan to Brad D. Brady and wife, $435,000

William D. Ketner, Sr. and wife to Aimee Hewitt, $215,000

Bobby L. Jones to Jody L. Patterson and husband, $20,000

Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee to Abel Velazquez, $57,500

Salisbury Gold Investments, LLC to Denise Griffin Powell, $167,000

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC to Paul W. Goodwin, $29,000

T R C of Salisbury, Inc. to Compass Realty Rowan, LLC, $2,773,500

James T. Wells and wife to Vincent Clive Howell, $303,000

Hal N. Brandon and wife; Charlotte B. Sears; Mary B. Campbell and husband to Pao Vang, $44,000

Wayne M. Cline and wife to David W. Cline, $160,000

Virginia Miller to Leah R. Parker, $40,000

Leah R. Parker and spouse to One 11 Renovations, LLC, $45,000

HGR Properties, LLC; Rusher Holdings, LLC, a SC company; Rusher Holdings, LLC, a GA company to Sharonview Federal Credit Union, $387,000

K & J Partnership, LLC to WJH LLC, $59,000

Melanie Dawn Thomas, by James Franklin Thomas, Jr., her attorney-in-fact; James Franklin Thomas, Jr. and wife; Connie T. McClain and husband to Donald W. MccClain and wife, $24,000

Steele Township

Phillip Brady Wise and wife to John W. Welch and wife, $305,000

Unity Township

Allison Jean Beck Mock and husband to Roman Spencer Beck, $65,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc to Bank of America, $116,500