A few tips to help our winged friends

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 30, 2018

Cold weather is on the way and we need to take care of indigenous birds. Providing ample feed and water during this type of weather is vital, though water is the single most important factor in their survival and must be supplied before nightfall. Bird bath heaters keep water flowing during freezing temperatures, providing a ready source of water.

Bird bath heater

Sunflower seed, a favorite food of most birds, is available as striped, black oil or sunflower hearts.  Larger birds such as cardinals enjoy the striped seed, while chickadees, finches and other small birds prefer black oil seed.

Below are a few tips in feeding our winged friends:

  • Place bird feeders next to trees, shrubs, and evergreen bushes as a protective shelter.
  • Place feeders in locations visible from your windows so that you can enjoy the visitors you attract.
  • Place feeders about 3-4 feet from existing windows to avoid collisions.  Drawing the drapes on windows can help, as can hanging paper, material, or foil streamers outside windows.
  • Place feeders away from decks or sidewalks where spilled seeds can attract squirrels and other rodents. Implement feeders with large trays prevent spillage.
  • Plant hollies, dogwoods and other trees and shrubs that have berries. These berries supply birds with food during the winter months.