Lynna Clark: Trust His Heart

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 15, 2018

Lynna Clark

Back in the days of yore before the internet, traveling was pretty much a crap shoot. We went with some friends to Gatlinburg in hopes of staying in a motel with a lovely view of the mountains. We pulled into a place all willy-nilly and hoped it would be nice. My buddy Ann commented that she’d be fine as long as it didn’t include a pink toilet. Our standards back in the day were quite high.

Our husbands lugged the bags to our rooms and a short while later we checked on our friends. Though the toilet was a lovely shade of beige, their view was less than spectacular. However, they would be able to keep a close check on our vehicle as they had a panoramic view of the parking lot. David invited them to our room where the drapes were still drawn. He even offered to switch places with them as he described the beautiful setting out our window. Ann sat on the side of the bed while David opened the heavy curtains with a dramatic flair. We had a good laugh as we gazed at the side of a brick building. As usual, it’s a good thing we know how to laugh.

I wonder how Joseph felt while hauling his plump little woman to Bethlehem. This normally small town was the home of his ancestors and probably Mary’s as well. Tradition reveals that there was likely family dwelling there. Hospitality was a big deal in those days and good Jewish families often hosted travelers in their homes, especially if they were related.

I wonder why Joseph and Mary didn’t stay with family. Was it shame? Did they get tired of the questions and suspicions surrounding their circumstances? Joseph and Mary were good people. They did everything God asked of them though it was incredibly hard. I imagine Joseph questioning the Lord as they checked into their smelly accommodations. I picture him apologizing to his wife and wishing that somehow he could provide better. I see this faithful man as he makes her as comfortable as possible then delivers a son that he knows is not his.

I read something profound the other day that made me think about this season in my own life. The writer said, “Christmas has never been about pretending everything is fine.” –Monica Brands

Life is so hard at times. Friends and relatives may turn their backs. Others may point their finger and doubt our character. We may be tempted to pretend that all is well. The place we’ve found ourselves may include a brick wall or a dirty stable. Rather than question the plan of God, instead may we trust the One we’ve come to know as Faithful. Like the line from an old song says: “When you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.”

The view will not always be lovely. But our wise and loving Lord has a plan. And He can be trusted.

Lynna Clark lives in Salisbury.

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