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Deeds issued from the office of Register of Deeds John Brindle.


Atwell Township  

Robert W. Hamke to CJ Materials & Recycling LLC, $600,000

James Dennis Phillips and wife to Mark G. Metzger, $70,000

Wanda Eagle Watts to James Todd Mauldin, $87,500

Heritage Partners, Trustee of the RVR #1 Irrevocable Trust Agreement, to William C. Gipe and wife, $34,000

Travis Howlett and wife to Maria Dolores Pineda Lemus, Jorge Leopoldo Salazar Solis, $75,000

Foley Home Sales LLC to Russell A. Tarbox; Jessica Marie Tarbox, $299,000

Marcus Alan Jacoby and wife to John D. Duino, Amy S. Duino, Trustees of the Duino Family Trust, $620,000


China Grove Township

John R. Mahaley and wife to Ryder and James Properties LLC, $260,000

Donald Clanton to Guido Isaac Salazar,  $10,000

Ruby Lynn Horn Browder and husband, Susanne Elizabeth Horn Ensley and husband, Lisa Kaye Horn Palomo and husband, Michael Wayne Horn to Tonya Thomas Morton, $10,000

Ruby Lynn Horn Browder and husband, Susanne Elizabeth Horn Ensley and husband, Lisa Kaye Horn Palomo and husband, Michael Wayne Horn to Tonya Thomas Morton, $295,000

Valorie L. Redwine and husband to Quentin J. Boatright and wife, $240,000

Franklin S. Carpenter to Jonathan E. Eagle, $71,500

New Life Developers LLC to Daniella Lyn Soto, $145,000

Rodney Joseph Trahan Jr. and wife to Felix Del Rosario, $273,000

Steven C. Carpenter and wife to Amanda L. Josiah, $166,500

Jerry Dean Earle Jr. and wife to Tina Burr-Alexander and husband, $185,000

Anita Gentle and Arnold Scott Gentle to Marice Crowley, $55,000

Lisa W. Barnette, now known as Lisa Woodie, to John D. Eckard and wife,  $62,500

Nicholas Aaron Corn and spouse to Dylan Lee Richardson, Hannah Gibson Houston, $173,000

William Franklin Shuffler and wife to Stewart Warren, $155,000

True Homes LLC to Blake Alan Beemer and spouse, $180,000

WJH LLC to Patrick W. Edwards, $151,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Kelley A. Russ, $126,000

Roger D. Thomason to Humberto Amaya and wife, $28,000

Johnny Ray Bost and wife; Patsy Bost White and husband to Terry L. Eller,  $68,500

David M. O’Bryan to Lloyd E. Bell, $65,000

FMS Investment Properties LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II, LP, $140,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $40,500

BMS Investment Properties LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II, LP, $167,000

All 4 U Homes LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP, $155,000

Forest Abbey LLC to Jonathan Goodman, Jennifer Goodman, $326,000

John Lewis Funderburke to Jonathan M. Rushing and wife, Troy M. Rushing and wife, $155,000

Jimmy G. Miles and wife to Brenda L. Bowers, Josh Dunnington, Amanda Dunnington, $226,000

Sharon M. Price and husband to Rafael Marroquin Ruiz and wife, $123,000

James Glover and spouse to OP SPE TPA1 LLC, $185,500

True Homes LLC to Charles B. Hunter Jr. and spouse, $220,500

Gladys Jean Walker to Wisdom Realty LLC, 2 parcels $124,000


Cleveland Township

Ronelda Lynn Goforth to Joel B. Marcotte and spouse, $82,000


Franklin Township

Janet S. Johnson, Individually and as Executor of the Emily Cecile Sides Estate, and husband; Pamela S. Staton, Individually and as Executor of the Emily Cecile Sides Estate, and husband to Bruce Michael Stauffer, $235,500

Mary S. Austin to Malcolm E. Green, $155,000

Mary Catherine Edwards to James E. Wright and spouse, $238,000

First Troy SPE LLC to Olga Lidia Yanez de Sanchez, $55,000

Thomas M. Weber and wife to David C. Johnston and wife, $282,500

James A. Davis to Arnold Dan Powell, Jr. $42,500

Catawba 5145, LLC to Christopher M. Smith and wife, $123,500


Gold Hill Township

Steven Alan Hamman and wife to David Alexander Hoffman, $132,500

Justin P. Hales and wife to Jerry E. Tate, Jr. and wife, $125,000

Billy P. Hill and spouse to Brian L. Seagraves, $250,000

Steve W. Hall and wife to Sotiraq Prifti and wife, $200,000

Ray Tredway, Rose Marie Bumpus-Tredway to Gary C. Schilkowski and spouse, $215,000

Susan DeSalvo to Vuong Nguyen; Tuyen Nguyen, $175,500

William Andrew Lombard and wife to Rick A. Wilson and wife, $12,000

William Oly Lombard Jr. and wife to Rick A. Wilson and wife, $10,000

Christopher G. Sease and wife to Shannon Honeycutt and wife, $9,000


Litaker Township

Johnny Lee Keen to Armando Pacheco Mejia and wife, $80,000

Leslie H. Rich to Frank M. Bettoli and wife, $214,500

Teresa M. Poole, Successor Trustee of the Moon Family Trust, Individuallly, and husband; Carolyn M. Heilig and husband; Charles R. Moon and wife; Herman C. Moon; Gerald J. Moon and wife; Barry W. Moon and wife; Heather M. Broome and husband to Teresa M. Poole and husband, $39,000

Bonnie Edwards Bost to Bonnie Edwards Bost, 99%; Dana W. Bost; Karen B. Deal; Wanda Bost Thomas, 1% undivided interest, $2,500

Richard D. Vaughn and wife to Alyssa Smith, $240,000

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to 23 Union Street North LLC, $85,000

Knight Custom Construction, LLC to Brent D. McClellan; Lauren E. Nakhle, $188,000

Reliance Investment Properties LLC to Samuel E. Adkins and wife, $35,000

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Leslie A. Ramsay, $252,000

Richard Darrell Hooper and wife to Myra Stollings-Austin and husband, $272,000


Locke Township

Marshall D. Lancaster and wife to Stephen R. J. Carter and wife, $134,000

Malcolm E. Green to Thomas Mays Scott Jr. and wife, $240,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Cabco Homes Inc., $95,000

Susan Mell Matthews, Lakiesha N. Matthews to Jaime Amaya Barajas, $87,000

WJH LLC to Eric Kike and spouse, $135,000

Michelle R. Smith and husband to Richard John Shuster Jr. and wife, $225,000

WJH LLC to Jessica Bostian and spouse, $126,000

William W. Durland and wife to Brett R. Henson, $570,000

Stephen Craige Trexler, Executor of the Estateof Mary Bernhardt Trexler to David Osalde Ramirez, Locke $15,000

Naomi H. Drye to Zachary M. Riggan and wife, $380,000

Lawrence Felter and wife to Ernest Franklin Belt and wife, $128,000


Morgan Township

Roberta E. Loftin and husband to Mark J. Meacham and wife, $85,000


Mt. Ulla Township

American Land Corp.-Charlotte Inc. to Frank C. Pakay Jr. and wife,  $44,000

George F. Gozeiski Jr. and wife to Melissa Ann Taylor, $335,000


Providence Township

Todd A. Basinger and wife to Bradley A. Bost and wife, $22,000

Florence H. Starnes to Kenneth Paul Miller and wife, $141,000

Catherine Hampton and husband to Eboni Sims Miller, $195,000

Steven M. Dyer, Mary E. Rutledge to Kenneth E. Callicutt Jr. and wife, $267,500

Lawrence J. Roth, Jill L. Roth to Kevin D. Huntley, Angela H. Huntley, $299,000

James DeBoyace, Theresa DeBoyace to Charlyne Tucker, $61,000

Anthony Michael Helms and wife, Shannon Perdue Helms, Eric Bradley Perdue and wife to Sherry Cumings Coleman, $99,500


Salisbury Township

12 Lee’s Realty LLC to NC Lee Street LLC, $499,000

Stephanie G. Hodge and husband, Marilyn G. Morgan and husband, Albert Hugh Gardner Jr. and wife to William A. Wood, Salisbury $42,000

Philip Eugene Long to Luisa Belkis Arias Fernandez, Rolando Leyva Nunez, $13,000

Blake A. Jordan and wife to Lacey R. Childress, $176,000

Kamoy Harvey and wife to Paul W. Goodwin and wife, $4,500

EAA Properties LLC to Dennis Alexander Ferrufino, $30,000

Accuvesting Services Inc. to Robert William Nance, $40,000

Michael Friend and wife to Tina H. Nguyen, $175,000

Stella L. Shadroui to Lauren Russell Stephenson, $150,000

Carolina Builders of Cabarrus Inc. to Michael Loughrey, $152,000

Aaron F. Goss and wife to Benjamin Gray Hampton and wife, $282,000

Journey Capital LLC to Jayne E. Charlton, $252,000

Journey Capital LLC to Jane E. Charlton, $252,000

Joyce J. Heilig to Carl R. Safrit and wife, $131,000

William M. McLaughlin and wife to Mary Elizabeth Rutledge, $176,000

Jessica A. Vess and husband to Leslie Leigh Burleyson, $95,000

Douglas L. Christian and wife to Boris Lozano and wife, $55,000

Uta Braun to Franklin D. Gover III, Jessica A. Bound, $219,500

David Anderson and wife to Dodd’s Inc., $50,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Hoang Nguyen, $218,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Hoang Nguyen, $205,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Andrew D. Whipple, Tracey A. Whipple, as Trustees of the Whipple Family Trust, $206,000

Andrew Charles Cochran and wife to Nathan A. Jessup and wife, $350,000

Bryan S. Bennett and wife to Reginald Keaton, $25,000

Marian Caroll McBrine, Executor of the Estate of William J. McBrine Jr., to Taurean Realty LLC, $100,000

Albertelli Law Partners to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $39,500

Mary Hazel Fisher to Dustin B. Craft, $88,000

Pizza Properties LLC to ADT Re Holdco LLC, $475,000

Bobby R. Miller and wife, Sherry Hawthorne, Executor of the Estate of Sandra Faye Miller, and Sherry Hawthorne, Individually to Ricardo Raffington, $12,000


Steele Township

Dana Earl Lippard and wife to Melani Rose Lippard, $60,000


Unity Township

Robert Lee Weatherspoon, III to Helen Guerrero, $94,000

David Allen Moore and wife to James Scott Tucker, Jr., $350,000

John House and wife to Ira Jay Crisco and wife,, 2 parcels $39,500




PETA plans protest at Salisbury Police Department on Friday


Essie Mae Kiser Foxx appeal denied, charter revoked


29 new positives, no new COVID-19 deaths reported


Blotter: Woman charged with drug crimes


Nesting no more: Eagles appear to have moved on from Duke’s Buck Station


The Smoke Pit leaving downtown Salisbury for standalone building on Faith Road



High School

High school football: Hornets’ Gaither set the tone against West


Salisbury to show off new fire station


Livingstone College to host virtual Big Read events this month


City makes some appointments to local boards, holds off on others to seek women, appointees of color


Education briefs: RCCC instructor honored by Occupational Therapy Association


Second quarter financial update shows promising outlook for city’s budget


Genia Woods: Let’s talk about good news in Salisbury


City attorney will gather more information for Salisbury nondiscrimination ordinance


North Hills planning to hold May fundraiser in person

East Spencer

Developers aim to transform former Dunbar School site into multi-purpose community development


Knox student organizing event to get community cycling


Decision on Essie Mae charter appeal expected Thursday


House passes sweeping voting rights bill over GOP opposition


Police uncover ‘possible plot’ by militia to breach Capitol


States rapidly expanding vaccine access as supplies surge


North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper receives COVID-19 vaccine


North Carolina health officials urge schools to reopen