Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 18, 2018

Deeds issued from the office of Register of Deeds John Brindle.


Atwell Township  

Robert W. Hamke to CJ Materials & Recycling LLC, $600,000

James Dennis Phillips and wife to Mark G. Metzger, $70,000

Wanda Eagle Watts to James Todd Mauldin, $87,500

Heritage Partners, Trustee of the RVR #1 Irrevocable Trust Agreement, to William C. Gipe and wife, $34,000

Travis Howlett and wife to Maria Dolores Pineda Lemus, Jorge Leopoldo Salazar Solis, $75,000

Foley Home Sales LLC to Russell A. Tarbox; Jessica Marie Tarbox, $299,000

Marcus Alan Jacoby and wife to John D. Duino, Amy S. Duino, Trustees of the Duino Family Trust, $620,000


China Grove Township

John R. Mahaley and wife to Ryder and James Properties LLC, $260,000

Donald Clanton to Guido Isaac Salazar,  $10,000

Ruby Lynn Horn Browder and husband, Susanne Elizabeth Horn Ensley and husband, Lisa Kaye Horn Palomo and husband, Michael Wayne Horn to Tonya Thomas Morton, $10,000

Ruby Lynn Horn Browder and husband, Susanne Elizabeth Horn Ensley and husband, Lisa Kaye Horn Palomo and husband, Michael Wayne Horn to Tonya Thomas Morton, $295,000

Valorie L. Redwine and husband to Quentin J. Boatright and wife, $240,000

Franklin S. Carpenter to Jonathan E. Eagle, $71,500

New Life Developers LLC to Daniella Lyn Soto, $145,000

Rodney Joseph Trahan Jr. and wife to Felix Del Rosario, $273,000

Steven C. Carpenter and wife to Amanda L. Josiah, $166,500

Jerry Dean Earle Jr. and wife to Tina Burr-Alexander and husband, $185,000

Anita Gentle and Arnold Scott Gentle to Marice Crowley, $55,000

Lisa W. Barnette, now known as Lisa Woodie, to John D. Eckard and wife,  $62,500

Nicholas Aaron Corn and spouse to Dylan Lee Richardson, Hannah Gibson Houston, $173,000

William Franklin Shuffler and wife to Stewart Warren, $155,000

True Homes LLC to Blake Alan Beemer and spouse, $180,000

WJH LLC to Patrick W. Edwards, $151,000

CMH Homes Inc. to Kelley A. Russ, $126,000

Roger D. Thomason to Humberto Amaya and wife, $28,000

Johnny Ray Bost and wife; Patsy Bost White and husband to Terry L. Eller,  $68,500

David M. O’Bryan to Lloyd E. Bell, $65,000

FMS Investment Properties LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II, LP, $140,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $40,500

BMS Investment Properties LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II, LP, $167,000

All 4 U Homes LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP, $155,000

Forest Abbey LLC to Jonathan Goodman, Jennifer Goodman, $326,000

John Lewis Funderburke to Jonathan M. Rushing and wife, Troy M. Rushing and wife, $155,000

Jimmy G. Miles and wife to Brenda L. Bowers, Josh Dunnington, Amanda Dunnington, $226,000

Sharon M. Price and husband to Rafael Marroquin Ruiz and wife, $123,000

James Glover and spouse to OP SPE TPA1 LLC, $185,500

True Homes LLC to Charles B. Hunter Jr. and spouse, $220,500

Gladys Jean Walker to Wisdom Realty LLC, 2 parcels $124,000


Cleveland Township

Ronelda Lynn Goforth to Joel B. Marcotte and spouse, $82,000


Franklin Township

Janet S. Johnson, Individually and as Executor of the Emily Cecile Sides Estate, and husband; Pamela S. Staton, Individually and as Executor of the Emily Cecile Sides Estate, and husband to Bruce Michael Stauffer, $235,500

Mary S. Austin to Malcolm E. Green, $155,000

Mary Catherine Edwards to James E. Wright and spouse, $238,000

First Troy SPE LLC to Olga Lidia Yanez de Sanchez, $55,000

Thomas M. Weber and wife to David C. Johnston and wife, $282,500

James A. Davis to Arnold Dan Powell, Jr. $42,500

Catawba 5145, LLC to Christopher M. Smith and wife, $123,500


Gold Hill Township

Steven Alan Hamman and wife to David Alexander Hoffman, $132,500

Justin P. Hales and wife to Jerry E. Tate, Jr. and wife, $125,000

Billy P. Hill and spouse to Brian L. Seagraves, $250,000

Steve W. Hall and wife to Sotiraq Prifti and wife, $200,000

Ray Tredway, Rose Marie Bumpus-Tredway to Gary C. Schilkowski and spouse, $215,000

Susan DeSalvo to Vuong Nguyen; Tuyen Nguyen, $175,500

William Andrew Lombard and wife to Rick A. Wilson and wife, $12,000

William Oly Lombard Jr. and wife to Rick A. Wilson and wife, $10,000

Christopher G. Sease and wife to Shannon Honeycutt and wife, $9,000


Litaker Township

Johnny Lee Keen to Armando Pacheco Mejia and wife, $80,000

Leslie H. Rich to Frank M. Bettoli and wife, $214,500

Teresa M. Poole, Successor Trustee of the Moon Family Trust, Individuallly, and husband; Carolyn M. Heilig and husband; Charles R. Moon and wife; Herman C. Moon; Gerald J. Moon and wife; Barry W. Moon and wife; Heather M. Broome and husband to Teresa M. Poole and husband, $39,000

Bonnie Edwards Bost to Bonnie Edwards Bost, 99%; Dana W. Bost; Karen B. Deal; Wanda Bost Thomas, 1% undivided interest, $2,500

Richard D. Vaughn and wife to Alyssa Smith, $240,000

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to 23 Union Street North LLC, $85,000

Knight Custom Construction, LLC to Brent D. McClellan; Lauren E. Nakhle, $188,000

Reliance Investment Properties LLC to Samuel E. Adkins and wife, $35,000

Spencer Lane Construction LLC to Leslie A. Ramsay, $252,000

Richard Darrell Hooper and wife to Myra Stollings-Austin and husband, $272,000


Locke Township

Marshall D. Lancaster and wife to Stephen R. J. Carter and wife, $134,000

Malcolm E. Green to Thomas Mays Scott Jr. and wife, $240,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Cabco Homes Inc., $95,000

Susan Mell Matthews, Lakiesha N. Matthews to Jaime Amaya Barajas, $87,000

WJH LLC to Eric Kike and spouse, $135,000

Michelle R. Smith and husband to Richard John Shuster Jr. and wife, $225,000

WJH LLC to Jessica Bostian and spouse, $126,000

William W. Durland and wife to Brett R. Henson, $570,000

Stephen Craige Trexler, Executor of the Estateof Mary Bernhardt Trexler to David Osalde Ramirez, Locke $15,000

Naomi H. Drye to Zachary M. Riggan and wife, $380,000

Lawrence Felter and wife to Ernest Franklin Belt and wife, $128,000


Morgan Township

Roberta E. Loftin and husband to Mark J. Meacham and wife, $85,000


Mt. Ulla Township

American Land Corp.-Charlotte Inc. to Frank C. Pakay Jr. and wife,  $44,000

George F. Gozeiski Jr. and wife to Melissa Ann Taylor, $335,000


Providence Township

Todd A. Basinger and wife to Bradley A. Bost and wife, $22,000

Florence H. Starnes to Kenneth Paul Miller and wife, $141,000

Catherine Hampton and husband to Eboni Sims Miller, $195,000

Steven M. Dyer, Mary E. Rutledge to Kenneth E. Callicutt Jr. and wife, $267,500

Lawrence J. Roth, Jill L. Roth to Kevin D. Huntley, Angela H. Huntley, $299,000

James DeBoyace, Theresa DeBoyace to Charlyne Tucker, $61,000

Anthony Michael Helms and wife, Shannon Perdue Helms, Eric Bradley Perdue and wife to Sherry Cumings Coleman, $99,500


Salisbury Township

12 Lee’s Realty LLC to NC Lee Street LLC, $499,000

Stephanie G. Hodge and husband, Marilyn G. Morgan and husband, Albert Hugh Gardner Jr. and wife to William A. Wood, Salisbury $42,000

Philip Eugene Long to Luisa Belkis Arias Fernandez, Rolando Leyva Nunez, $13,000

Blake A. Jordan and wife to Lacey R. Childress, $176,000

Kamoy Harvey and wife to Paul W. Goodwin and wife, $4,500

EAA Properties LLC to Dennis Alexander Ferrufino, $30,000

Accuvesting Services Inc. to Robert William Nance, $40,000

Michael Friend and wife to Tina H. Nguyen, $175,000

Stella L. Shadroui to Lauren Russell Stephenson, $150,000

Carolina Builders of Cabarrus Inc. to Michael Loughrey, $152,000

Aaron F. Goss and wife to Benjamin Gray Hampton and wife, $282,000

Journey Capital LLC to Jayne E. Charlton, $252,000

Journey Capital LLC to Jane E. Charlton, $252,000

Joyce J. Heilig to Carl R. Safrit and wife, $131,000

William M. McLaughlin and wife to Mary Elizabeth Rutledge, $176,000

Jessica A. Vess and husband to Leslie Leigh Burleyson, $95,000

Douglas L. Christian and wife to Boris Lozano and wife, $55,000

Uta Braun to Franklin D. Gover III, Jessica A. Bound, $219,500

David Anderson and wife to Dodd’s Inc., $50,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Hoang Nguyen, $218,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Hoang Nguyen, $205,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Andrew D. Whipple, Tracey A. Whipple, as Trustees of the Whipple Family Trust, $206,000

Andrew Charles Cochran and wife to Nathan A. Jessup and wife, $350,000

Bryan S. Bennett and wife to Reginald Keaton, $25,000

Marian Caroll McBrine, Executor of the Estate of William J. McBrine Jr., to Taurean Realty LLC, $100,000

Albertelli Law Partners to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $39,500

Mary Hazel Fisher to Dustin B. Craft, $88,000

Pizza Properties LLC to ADT Re Holdco LLC, $475,000

Bobby R. Miller and wife, Sherry Hawthorne, Executor of the Estate of Sandra Faye Miller, and Sherry Hawthorne, Individually to Ricardo Raffington, $12,000


Steele Township

Dana Earl Lippard and wife to Melani Rose Lippard, $60,000


Unity Township

Robert Lee Weatherspoon, III to Helen Guerrero, $94,000

David Allen Moore and wife to James Scott Tucker, Jr., $350,000

John House and wife to Ira Jay Crisco and wife,, 2 parcels $39,500