Letter: A few words of praise for an election that’s finally over

Published 8:39 pm Monday, November 12, 2018

Like others I am glad the election is over. But I am also happy that this ritual of democracy continues to be the foundation of our life together. As a Democrat I am grateful to live in this democracy.

In the recent election we fielded credible candidates in all state legislative districts: House 76, Joe Fowler: House 77, Bonnie Clark; House 83, Gail Young; and Senate 33, Arin Wilhelm. For county commission: Latasha Wilks and Veleria Levy and the two congressional districts — 8, Frank McNeill; and 13, Kathy Manning. They ran clean, issue-oriented campaigns in an area that is heavily Republican. I am proud of these people and the many volunteers who gave of themselves to try to make our democracy work better for everybody.

Congratulations to those who won and thank you to my Republican counterpart, Don Vick, for working together to calm a few exchanges at the polling places. Passions run high among volunteers sometimes, but civility is always the best way to live together.

As Democrats we will continue to speak up, speak out and take stands on issues dear to us: education of our children, youth and adults; access to quality health care, including addiction treatment; nonpartisan districting; clean air and safe water; economic development including living wages, and a welcoming spirit for all residents in our community.

A special thanks to our local press. The Salisbury Post deserves appreciation for continually seeking to present facts and data on issues, as well as personalities. The best recommendation I hear of their endeavors are both from those who believe the Post has a conservative bias as well as others who think it too liberal. I believe the Post is someplace in between. A free and fair press is essential to democracy. We are fortunate to have a good example here in Rowan County.

— Geoffrey Hoy


Hoy is chairman of the Rowan County Democratic Party.