Deeds — second half of August

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 2, 2018

Deeds Issued from the office of the Register of Deeds, John Brindle

Atwell Township

• David D. Owens and wife to Robin Lynn Ficarelli $272,000

• Albertelli Law Partners to Wilmington Fund Society $100,000

• David W. Ketner and wife to Offer Pad (SPVBorrower), LLC $92,000

• James B. Jordan and wife to Joel C. Moon and wife $2,000

• Jaclyn M. Borland; Rex R. Helms and wife to Jaclyn M. Borland $17,000

• Randy S. Hartness and wife to Zachary Dylan Campbell and wife $125,000

• Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Rigoberto Leos Castillo; Amalia Torres $51,000

• Joel C. Moon and wife to Micah Q. Vandyke and wife, multiple properties $118,000

China Grove Township

• Mack N. King Family Limited Partnership to Joseph B. Honbarrier, $28,000

• Mack N. King Family Limited Partnership to Joseph B. Honbarrier, $57,000

• True Homes, LLC to Diana Camille Arrighi, $193,000

• Jessica Sosa and husband to Eric Roy Holland, $186,000

• Valinda Sue Taylor to Christian Hatley-Wang and wife $132,000

• Alexander Totterdell and wife to Michael Brittian Hyatt and wife, $110,000

• Roxanne J. Hunter and husband to Fernando A. Martinez and wife, $7,000

•Brian T. Schuett to OfferPad, LLC, $51,500

• Eric R. Wray to Larry D. Menius, $164,000

• Marshall N. Goss and wife to Paula Huffman Nullis, $150,000

• True Homes, LLC to Cornelius Moore, $186,000

• Douglas Reed Linn and wife to Timothy Bonnas, $91,500

• True Homes, LLC to Arthur Rogers, $177,000

• Michael Glen Chandler and wife to Danny Wright and wife, $12,000

• Patricia Mae Cole and spouse to William Mark Alexander; Melissa Susan Lemmons, $37,500

• Gloria D. Cook to Tarheel Property Group, LLC $35,000

• Cathy H. Gordon Overcash and husband to Jeremy L. Deaton, $148,000

• Gregory L. Roth; Brenda F. Roth to Casey Elizabeth Payne, $172,000

• Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Rabon Properties 2, LLC, $68,000

• True Homes, LLC to Lester Brown, Jr. and spouse, $191,000

• Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Richard E. McGuire, $58,000

• Secu*re, Inc. to Jeffrey S. Walton and wife, $21,500

• BMS Investment Properties, LLC to Joe Frances and wife; Matthew J. Nervegna, $155,000

• True Homes, LLC to Brian Paria and spouse, $170,500

• Lee Ann Christy; James Christy to Alan B. Williams; Ruth Branson Williams, $167,000

• Marilyn C. Carpenter to Teddy Joe Carpenter, $10,000

• Teddy Joe Carpenter; Candice Carpenter to Joshua McKnight, $17,000

• Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC $119,000

• ARK Construction, LLC to Sara  Sides, $110,000

• Joshua E. Copeland to Dung Pham, $115,000

• Wesco Homes, Inc. to Tarheel Property Group, LLC $17,500

• Madelon S Lewis to Bethany Paige Johnson, $156,500

• Richard Craig Sheets and wife to Jonathan Snider, $238,000

• True Homes, LLC to Christine Young, $172,000

• Richard David Joplin, Jr. and wife to Robert G. Loden, Jr., $2,500

• Shoka D. Davidson to Michael Hebert and wife, $180,000

• Affinity Capital, LLC to Pablo de la Torre and wife, $154,000

• Anthony Warren Burkett, Executor of the Estate of Gary Wayne Smith to A. Joseph Strickland and wife, $25,000

• Carol Deanne Turner Phillis and husband to A. Joseph Strickland and wife, $15,000

• Amanda Blackwelder Parris and husband to Pearl E. Leslie; Kimberly H. Denning, $188,000

• True Homes, LLC to Charles Holloway, III; Halbreonda McNeill, $185,500

• True Homes, LLC to Karen A. Most and spouse, $164,500

• Joseph W. Pike, IV and wife to Qianying Liang, $60,000

Cleveland Township

• Mark L. Workman and Karen K. Workman, Trustees of the Workman Living Trust to Scott Popov, $115,000

• PDM Holdings, LLC to Joshua Gordon Houghton and wife, $268,000

• Ashleigh K. Carriker to Michael R. Dayton, $140,000

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Nathaniel Ryan Nottingham and wife, $104,000

• Ray Powlas to Michael Williams and wife, $137,000

Franklin Township

• Paula D. Cornelison to Larry Eugene Williams, Sue Morrow Williams, $320,000

• Eric B. Neil, Administrator of the Estate of Velna S. Morgan; Cynthia Bonner and husband; Eric B. Neil, Trustee of the Revocable Trust Agreement of Harriet M. Ray to Melina Paszli, $99,000

• Melvin J. Owen, Jr. and wife to Lisa Parker Bragg and husband, $215,000

• Deborah B. Basinger to Duane R. Smith and wife, $65,000

• Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Early Falsom Properties, Inc., $37,000

• Mark David Hoffman and wife to Darren Evans and wife, $339,000

• Baron Todd Dagenhart an wife to Philip M. Bird, III and wife, $460,000

• Laura Key Luna and husband to Brian E. Hunt, $103,500

• Patrick Laferriere and wife to Eric Ian Lweis and wife, $288,000

Gold Hill Township

• Terry Dale Kluttz and wife to Jon Richard Gynn and wife, $60,000

• Estate Developers, LLC to Larry G. Canipe and spouse, $45,000

• Curtis Lynn Waddell to Seagraves Residential Real Estate, LLC, $77,500

• Nena Valkova Shopova and husband to Steven M. Wall, $165,000

• Raymond Isaac Sturgell to David Allan Haas and wife, $57,000

• Wells Fargoo Bank, NA to Jantzen Carl Stirewalt, $63,000

• George M. Stuckey, III and wife to Cox Masonry, Inc., $57,500

• Overcash Real Estate, LLC to Maria T. Brown, $159,000

Litaker Township

• Jeremy Michael Blackwelder and wife; Jimmy Shane Wolford and wife to Paula D. Cornelison, $205,000

• Derick L. Efird and wife to Emery Overcash and wife, $77,000

• Jason G. Meadows and wife; Clarence E. Pichard and wife; John A. Drye and wife to Department of Transportation, an agency of the State of North Carolina, $9,000

• Elsie K. Curtindale to Marisa Lentz, $105,000

• Amy A. Daniels to Stacy Hale and wife, $311,500

• Luke Schwarz and wife to Linda L. Arnold and husband; Misty Arnold, $95,500

• Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to Mildred S. Yost, $248,000

• James Howard Sorg and wife to Knight Custom Construction, LLC, $18,000

• Bryan Thomas Seymour and wife; Ronald Lewis Seymour and wife to 2440 Mt. Hope Church Trust, $25,000

• Donald Ray Walser, Jr. and wife to Jared R. Peninger, $148,000

• Causby Five Properties, LLC to Shane Christian Hunter, $220,000

• Makson, Inc. to Brett Taylor and wife, $259,000

• Judy Beaver Morgan to Lillian P. Harvell, $30,000

Locke Township

• Arthur R. Gurley to Sally Menius, $209,000

• Douglas S. Macisaac to Myra V. Wilson, $235,000

• James W. McCall to Paul M. Sullivan and wife, $60,000

• William Whitaker Webb, III and wife to C. Aaron Myers and wife, $425,000

• Affordable Rental Properties of Rowan, Inc. to William J. Hoell, $6,500

• Albertelli Law Partners to Bank of America, NA, $23,000

• Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Leonardo M. Hernandez, $50,500

• Jamie Scott Weaver and wife to Stephen J. Boehner and wife, $78,000

• Rabon Properties 2, LLC to James Sawyer; Sonya Steger, $119,000

• Naurosurgical Solutions PA Employees’ 401(k) Profit Sharing and Trust to Stephen Glen Clark; Vickie D. Parker, $49,500

• WJH, LLC to Jessica Veronica Zelaya Bonilla and spouse, $140,000

• Angel Quintero-Samano and wife to Raul Macias; Maria Araceli Hernandez, $115,000

• John D. Bowman and wife to Brian H. Kendrick and wife, $278,500

Morgan Township

• Elizabeth C. Newsome to Amy S. Vance, $375,000

• Kay Parks Daniel and husband to Edwin A. Listerman and wife, $205,000

• Toni K. Shulenberger and husband to Charles Ronald Miller and wife, $223,500

• Ricky Lynn Pinion to Charles D. Stamper, $5,000

• Jeff D. Hutcheson and wife to Albert W. Phillips and wife, 2 parcels $90,000

Mt. Ulla Township

• American Land Corporation – Charlotte, Inc. to Salvator Pisciotta and wife, $39,500

• Blue Rock Investments, LLC to Mark D. Daddario and wife, $50,000

• Karen S. Gill and Michael W. Gill to David Siegert and wife, $328,000

Providence Township

• Jason D. Walker and wife to Brittany D. Eudy, $141,000

• Joseph D. Lambert and spouse to Billy R. Earnhardt III, Nicole E. Warren, $180,000

• Novella Beamon Doub to Jeffery Koehler and wife, $198,000

• Dwight Burgess and wife to Johnny Lee Keen, Sr., $9,000

• Michael Lewis Manning and wife to Steve M. Black; Celeste W. Black; Tristan W. Black, $3,000

• Steven W. Sutherland and wife to William Donald Wilson, Jr. and wife, $18,000

• Jarred Hinson; Ashley Hinson to Kara Baker, $145,000

• Freddie O. Eller and wife to  Trent Ross Sellers, $240,000

• Nobil, LLC to FW Southern, LLC, $16,000

• Carla Queen and spouse to William P. Lambert, $175,000

• Sharon B. Tysinger to Michael W. Hatcher, $25,500

Salisbury Township

• USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc. to Mirna Pineda, $35,000

• Lazarus Unlimited, LLC to Daniel Benjamin Haas, $100,000

• Carolyn Perry Holt; Joan Ann Perry; Jean Perry Jones and husband; Vernon Eric Perry to Alex R. Cowan; Josephine M. Cowan, $36,000

• Mayfield Enterprises, LLC to Sunisay S. Yates, $28,000

• Buller River Development Partners, LP to Andrew G. Lovejoy, $205,500

• Brenda Brower Chillcott; Ronnie James Brower and wife to Kevin Chapman and wife, $6,000

• David P. Etheridge and wife to Stacy E. Shrider, $120,000

• Tony G. Noyes and Judy D. Noyes to Judith Santamarina, $107,500

• Adam B. Sproles and wife to Kibi Hood, $105,000

• Rachel Knowles Dillard to Darren Bays, $80,000

• Buller River Development Partners, LP to Kyung Eun Min, $205,500

• Philip A. Glass to Community Restoration Corporation, $1,000

• Jimmie D. Stamp and wife to Cheryl J. McClinton, $136,000

• Abel Velazquez and wife to Thomas Conners, $139,000

• Virgilio and Judecita Ong to Carolina Acquisitions Group 1, Inc., $120,000

• Phillip E. Roseman and wife to Ryan Reid Michael and wife, $290,000

• Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County, North Carolina, Inc. to Tawanda Ann Smith, $97,000

• Jasmin Saunders to Brenda Sue Garcia and husband, $119,000

• Salisbury Community Development Corporation to Historic Salisbury Foundation, Inc., $10,000

• Calvin L. Veal and wife to Kevin Tejada and wife, $136,500

• Alexandra D. Masem to Tekisha J. Malone, $117,000

• William Lee Noles, Jr. to Williams Daniel Sanchez, $22,500

• Charles L. Shepard, Jr. to Angel F. Rey, II and wife, $122,000

• Jeff Hall, Executor of the Estate of Mary Maria Haubrick Hall; Jeff Hall and wife; Darren Hall; Tana Hall to Brian D. White and spouse, $116,500

• Jacobus Van Staden; Sonja Van Staden to Phillip Brown, $46,500

• Woolite Michelle Venable to Geoffrey Shelstad; Michael Shelstad, $169,500

Scotch Irish Township

• Freedom United Church of God to John A. Kiser, $35,000

Unity Township

• Rosholda Lanice Imes to Harold J. Moore, $136,000

• Adem Podzic and spouse to Ashish D. Mahale and spouse, $150,000

• Jeffrey B. Pierce to Sherri Castillo; Jesse R. Castillo, $270,00• 0