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Talk back: What online readers say about …

… Arts integrated:
Why we chose A+

This sounds amazing. I find that I naturally use arts integration in my lessons because of the strong influence in my own education.

I am thrilled that this program is available to elementary students and hope it expands to other schools (hopefully mine) in the future.

— Robin Daye

Editorial: Debate
should not mar unity

There was something illuminated at City Council during the discussion on the proclamation — that of the sophisticated, highly polished, cleverly cloaked systemic racism, a system polished by process, and held aloft in official written documents wrapped in the patina of civil language. Yawn. …

So, of course, we should tweak that proclamation, soften that language, mollify the agitated lest they manage to tear off the cloak and expose the naked truth of real history.

— Whitney Peckman

… Lynching resolution
to be tweaked

We live in a whole different world than our ancestors lived. Everyone knows that people of color were done wrong, no denying that. But so were the American Indian and immigrants. It’s always been a bad world and we are always going to have bad people. We need to focus our efforts on issues … in this day in time.

— Leo McDougall

… Discussion shows history offers lessons for present

“The documentary went on to assert that by refusing to talk about the painful history of lynching, affected communities are blind to ways in which history repeats itself.”

The above sentence is why we’re talking about this issue in 2018. We have so much work to do. So much understanding, educating, heart opening is needed. Hate has no place in a healthy community, a healthy nation. Black children, black citizens should not have to live in fear. 

If you’re in favor of pointing the finger at anyone who doesn’t look like you, go back and read your religious texts. You’ve missed the entire point.

— Lewellen Daniel Padgett

… My Turn, Richard Creel: Irresponsible drug use backfires on wrong people

Richard, you hit the nail right on the head. Chronic pain patients are NOT being treated correctly anymore. We are the generation that is being hurt by the senselessness of others.

— Jennifer Doering

… Man, woman killed in shooting at Town Creek Park

I pray for healing and soul of the victims to rest. I also pray for the three shooters who are lost mentally and need to be found by Jesus Christ. I decree and declare that this community will heal from this tragic event. Thank you, Salisbury Post, for allowing us to voice our heart of the community.

— Roosevelt Jenkins

… Post to be printed
5 days a week

I  understand the decision from a business perspective. Just sad for my 85+ year-old mother who reads the paper daily and looks forward to it. Online is fine for me but not her and she has been a loyal customer for probably close to 60+ years.

— Kim Smyth

Honestly I could care less; this paper has become so liberal I don’t read it anymore.

— Michael Julian

What are you reading? I am a liberal and can confidently say that this paper is not even in the running for being considered liberal (let alone ultra-liberal).

— Michael S. Young

We will miss the Saturday and Monday editions of our hometown newspaper. Many older readers rely on the print edition. Local newspapers appear to be an example of the unintended consequences of new tariffs and trade barriers against Canadian newsprint manufacturers.

— Jeff Morris

… Editorial: Wil-Cox
sets history’s stage

As you said, it was a 5-0 vote three Republicans and two Democrats (to turn down ownership of the bridge). At the time Rowan County and the rest of the country was in a recession and, with what the engineers told us, we simply did not want the financial risk.

— Carl Ford

… Letter: Santa & Co.
are on board

Everyone participating in the parade should feel this way. To most kids, Santa is the most important part of any holiday event.

— Sandra Mitchell

… ‘The Lord’s been good to me’: A Cheerwine employee celebrates 50 years

Congratulations, Ray. Fifty years on the same job tells a man you love your job. Wayne came to Cheerwine when he graduated from school and has been there ever since. He loves it, too. You know that.

Cheerwine is truly a BIG family.

— John Wilson

Congratulations, Ray. I love Cheerwine! My grandfather William Rufus Snider Sr. worked there at the beginning of Cheerwine. Growing up, we would rent a U-Haul just for our Cheerwine.

— Sherry Spry


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