Letter: Never satisfied

Published 10:54 pm Monday, August 6, 2018

Salisbury City Council has given support to the gay community. Fair-minded folks have shown them tolerance. Merchants have solicited their trade. They have their Pride Day.

For all this, the gay community is never satisfied. PFLAG repays their fellow citizens with deceit and intimidation if they do not have their way in everything. The people of Salisbury have been served notice: “You will accept homosexuality in every area of life, or you will be bullied into submission. We own City Council, the first families, the public schools, the big businesses and many of the churches. Nothing is beyond our reach. City Council and your employers back us, so you had better get with the program.”

We have become a society ruled by fear. PFLAG will be rewarded for their tactics. A holiday parade will be cobbled together at taxpayer expense. It will feature a PFLAG float. If another group used the same tactics on the gay community, they would be rewarded with prosecution. Government and business have formed an alliance to control everything. Free speech and religious liberty are slowly dying.

And all the while, there is One who is watching, silently watching as a free Christian society destroys itself. Read Isaiah 5:18-24.


— Dr. W. Dale Robertson


The writer is pastor of North Main Baptist Church.