Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 5, 2018

1. Something was blown up in Rowan County this past week on purpose. What did the implosion take down?
A. The Empire Hotel
B. The old Paint Shop at the N.C. Transportation Museum
C. The original structure for Units 1 and 2 at the Buck Steam Station
D. The former Thomas & Howard warehouse

2. Heavy rains last Wednesday evening flooded a portion of Novant Health Rowan Medical Center. What section of the hospital saw up to 4 inches of rainwater come rushing in?
A. The Emergency Department
B. The parking garage
C. The lobby/reception area
D. The outpatient center

3. The N.C. Board of Education unanimously approved Thursday Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ application to become the first “renewal school system” in the state. What’s going to be one of the first steps at each school in the Rowan-Salisbury district?
A. The formation of teacher-led teams to discuss the best changes
B. Establishment of a district-wide television station
C. Setting up “renewal” websites for each school
D. Tearing down traditional attendance boundaries and allowing each school to have open enrollment

4. The city of Salisbury is offering $10,000 and $20,000 grants to residents of the West End community for what purpose?
A. To help with needed tree removals on private property
B. For exterior housing renovations and repairs
C. For building new driveways and sidewalks on private properties
D. For demolitions of vacant houses and outbuildings

5. The always active Eleanor Qadirah of Salisbury died this past week. Which one of these things was Qadirah not heavily involved with?
A. OctoberTour
B. Rowan Blues & Jazz Festival
C. Rufty-Holmes Senior Center Computer Club
D. Prevent Child Abuse Rowan

6. The Holiday Caravan board voted to no longer produce the annual Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving parade held in Spencer and Salisbury, mainly for what reason?
A. The municipal governments of Spencer and Salisbury would no longer provide financial support
B. Participation in the parade and attendance for it had dropped too much
C. Security and insurance costs for this major production over a lengthy route had become too expensive
D. The board cited the controversy that followed 2017’s parade involving an attempt by a gay rights support group to ride the Avita Pharmacy float

7. A groundbreaking was held this past Monday at the Wil-Cox Bridge between Davidson and Rowan counties. A master plan for a new recreational area in this spot does not include which of the following?
A. Access to the Fort York historic site
B. An improved boat access area at York Hill
C. A riverwalk
D. A drone takeoff and landing pad on Wil-Cox Bridge

8. One local high school started classes Wednesday, and another one plans to begin the 2018-19 school year this coming Thursday. Which two Rowan County high schools are starting this early?
A. Graystone Day School and Carson High
B. South Rowan and Carson high schools
C. Rowan County Early College and North Rowan High
D. Salisbury High and Henderson Independent High

9. The Rowan County American Legion team fell a game shy of making the state championship this past week when it lost 4-3 to what team?
A. Caldwell County
B. Wilmington
C. High Point
D. Shelby

10. Tours were held this past week at the Empire Hotel in Salisbury in advance of what?
A. Tuesday’s City Council meeting, during which a developer will lay out terms for a master lease of the building
B. The former hotel’s total demolition, part of which has been carried out
C. The residential units of the hotel going on the market
D. An application for the National Register of Historic Places


1. C.
2. D.
3. A.
4. B.
5. A.
6. D.
7. D.
8. C.
9. D.
10. A.