Letter: McConnell was too sure

Published 11:39 pm Saturday, July 7, 2018

This conspiracy theory may be a figment of my imagination, but I think it started way before the last election. It’s my belief special prosecutor Mueller should go back and check out Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan for their part  to guarantee a Republican would be elected president, any Republican.

I base this mostly on the fact that McConnell and the rest of the Republican senators so blatantly refused to act on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court. He was too sure, in my opinion, that a Republican would win. I think a deal was cut even before Trump won the nomination.

Now, fast forward to the midterms, Republicans in danger of losing control of the House and Senate. Ask yourself, what should they do?

Wait for midterm election results? No, I don’t think so.

Plan what to do if the outcome is in favor of the Democrats? (Too late.)

Let’s assume something needs to be done before the midterms.

Do the Republicans get Trump to resign or do they impeach him? Give Trump a get out of jail free card?

Make Pence president and bring in Paul Ryan to be his veep? Pence could then give Trump a presidential pardon for any federal transgressions.

Protecting Trump and his family’s ill-gotten gains could be a different story when the dirt starts running downhill. This could be the best example of trickle-down theory the Republicans are always preaching about.

This is just my opinion. Only time will tell.

— David Harmon-Esquivel

China Grove