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Deeds issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle, May 16-25


Atwell Township

CMH Homes Inc. to Brett Fields and wife, $180,000

Primestar Properties Inc. to Samuel S. Green, Jr., $16,000

Billy Harrison to James F. Young, $66,000

Danny L. Burris and wife to David D. Watts, $16,000

Michael A. Beaver to Pamela A. Norris, $10,000

JMW Enterprizes LLC to Sandra Myers, $195,000

Jason A. Ritchie and wife, Eddie A Ritchie and wife, to Gregory Sherrell and wife, $93,500

David L. Fortson and wife, Rebecca D. Fortson Wood and husband, Shelia L. Fortson, Rodney L. Fortson, Jody L. Fortson and wife, to David L. Fortson and wife, $80,000

JSSP LLC to Gary R. Plungas and wife, $308,000

Dennis L. Johnson Jr. and wife, W. Scott Johnson and wife, to James Stanley Jr. and wife, $16,000

Jessica Ann Miller Heilig to Dallas Connor Burch and wife, $105,000

James B. Martel and wife to Alison de los Reyes, Rupert R. de los Reyes and wife, $151,500


China Grove Township

Matthew C. Erich and Amy L. Edwards to Lindsey Howard, $101,000

East Avenue Properties LLC to Terry James Winston Wheels, Gertrude Annie Lawyer, $92,500

Todd Lee Browning and wife to Kayla Griffin Harris and husband, $214,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000

Kathleen P. White to Janice D. Silver, $128,500

Fred L. Ledo to C. Kelly Randall, $145,000

LPP Mortgage Inc., fka LPP Mortgage Ltd., to Jose Salamanca, $154,000

Donald Andrew Tidwell; Donald Andrew Tidwell, personal representative of the Estate of Betty J. Pettit, to Elair Properties LLC, $30,000

Mildred I. Gibson, formerly Mildred G. Bost, to Casey M. Biggers, $147,000

Ronald Fisher and wife to Yarima LLC, $45,000

Elair Properties LLC to Tedy M. Morales and wife, $52,000

Michael Kay Beaver and spouse to Cody Lee Smith and Rachel Marie Roberts, $213,500

Angela Marie Springer to Robert Yaniero and wife, $108,000

East Avenue Properties LLC to Emily Hester, David Lee Hester Jr. and wife, $85,000

Darvin D. Pethel and wife to T0Four LLC, $20,500

Thomas Kolesar and wife to Daniel S. Boughton and wife, $70,000

Arnold Rosales and spouse to Amanda L. Grimmett, $100,000

Ryan E. Cress to Craig Nigrelli, $154,000

Sandra Myers, fka Sandra Little, to Michael S. Lanzi and wife, $192,500

Leslie Evans Shaw, fka Leslie Herring, and husband to Owen G. Taylor, $75,000

Kathy Oliver and husband, Linda Haigler and husband, Denise Littlefield and husband, to Michael Edward Nelson, $22,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000

Marc C. Lomartire and wife to Brian Shannon and Patricia Shannon, $70,000

Estate of Wilma Iris Overcash, Doris K. Cress as Administrator; Doris K. Cress; Sylvia Bennett and spouse; Susan Bass and spouse; Ray Bass; Sabrina Parker and spouse, to K-9 Towers, LLC, $15,000

Libby C. Clark, fka Libby Mann, and spouse; Ashley Mann Strickland and spouse, to Michael Brenenstuhl, $128,000

Marcie Barker Petty and husband to Kendall Sellers, $65,000

True Homes LLC to Wilfredo Eugene Sloan, $245,500

Betty Laney and husband to Kimberlie Martin Harmon, $129,000

Vickie O. Nichols; Stephen Anderson Nichols; Vickie O. Nichols, Executrix of the Estate of Danny W. Overcash, to William H. Irvin, Jr. and Donna M. Irvin, $40,000

Brian W. Alewine and wife to Alex S. Free and wife, $412,500

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Rabon Properties 2 LLC, $59,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000


Cleveland Township

Maria M. Vaciana to Miguel Alonso Jimenez Reyes, $128,000

Benny Lee Livengood and wife to Azucena T. Reyna, $30,000

Angela Faust, fka Angela B. Clark, and husband to Ashley Irene Bradley; Trevor Shane Bellinger, $163,000

Bobby Richard Cartner and wife to Bobby Gene Watson and wife, $80,000

Benny Lee Livengood and wife to Jaime Tavira, $30,000

Bobby J. Kinser and wife to Jan Barkley Christopher and Philip Church, $121,500


Franklin Township

Andrew J. CasaSanta and spouse to Bruce Brian Bradley and spouse, $230,000

Frances Valerie Stewart to Diane D. Hooper, $182,000

Liliana L. Spears to Kyle Fesperman and wife, $85,000

Gordon Bradley Shermer and wife to Brandon R. Edds and Elisabeth D. Farmer, $90,000

Clarence A. Jones and wife to John E. Phillips Jr. and wife, $149,000

John Marshall Blount, Terry Michael Blount, David Allen Blount, Jane Marie Blount, all co-trustees of the John M. Blount III Family Trust under the will of John M. Blount III, to Russell L. Smyre Sr. and Russell L. Smyre Jr., $25,000

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, trustee for Banc of America Alternative Loan Trust, to Wayfinder Homes LLC, $43,000

Tracy L. Culler and wife to Derri G. Maddry and wife, $64,000

Lori Keller Morrison and husband to Michael Anthony Frost and wife, $176,000

BMS Investment Properties LLC to Jeffrey Brown and wife, $240,000

Karla D. Christy Dagenhart and husband to Jeffrey D. Cox Jr. and wife, $262,000

Karla D. Christy Dagenhart and husband to Jeffrey D. Cox Jr. and wife, $115,000

Ronald E. Ray to Jeffrey Neal, $90,500

Triple Play Development Inc. to Richard W. Burtch; Marilyn W. Watson, $115,000

Tina A. Safrit, kna Tina A. Parks, Donald W. Parks to John H. Foster and wife, $155,000

Robert J. Wilson and wife to Theodore Kale, $104,000

Pamela Jones, Jody Jones Woodrum and husband, to Robert J. Wilson and wife, $280,000


Gold Hill Township

Built Green Inc. to Timothy Jones and wife, $205,000

James R. Poole Sr., Deborahlyn G. Wolfe to Ronald Dean Fisher and wife, $58,000

Mark L. Brown and wife to Harry Marsh, $32,000

James Vincent Grkman and wife to April Scully; Cory Torralba, $187,000

Josh Sherrill and wife to Alexander Neal Jay and wife, $98,500

Doni Maria McCoy and husband to Dexter A. Wyrick, $118,500

Hubert H. Honeycutt Jr. and wife, Sharon H. Miller and husband, Michael C. Shinn and wife, Walter DeeRay Shinn and wife, to Michael C. Shinn, $140,000

Donald G. Beaver and wife to Vaughn G. Hedrick and wife, $216,000

Jane M. Smith to Michael L. Stephens and wife, $180,000

AH Inc. to Randy E. Josey Jr. and wife, 2 parcels $17,500

Daniel F. Blackwelder and wife to Thomas Genuario and wife, 4 parcels $109,500


Litaker Township

David Hamilton and wife to Christopher Graham and wife, $152,000

James Milton Hudson III and wife to Dakota M. Kepley, $95,000

Misty G. Goodman, Jason M. Goodman to Craig A. Nichols and wife, $330,000

Dexter A. Wyrick to Clay Tom Howard, $97,500

Kenneth Mark Brink to Tylor Carlson and wife, $320,000

Allen P. Hargraves and wife to Patricia A. McHone, $111,500

Joseph W. Gainer and wife to James M. Hudson III, $25,000


Locke Township

Barbara Ellen Farthing to John Peter McCrudden; Diana Lee McCrudden, $400,000

Robert W. Yon and wife to Trent G. Edwards Sr. and wife, $165,000

Martha A. Motley and husband to Riccardo Atrill, $60,000

WJH LLC to Teena L. Gray, $122,500

Shapiro & Ingle LLP to Rabon Properties 2 LLC, $61,500

William T. Hillard Jr. and wife to John P. Hosinski, $170,000

Bobby C. Brooks to Kimberly Jo Scott and husband, $91,500

Buller River Development Partners LP to Violetta Slavin; Alina Tubman, $150,000

Mary W. Plexico and husband to Linda Sue Gaydos and husband, $22,000

Darren E Shell and wife to Craig Alan Moore and wife, $205,000

Patricia L. Phillips to Bradly Taylor and wife, $228,000

JDSI LLC to WJH LLC, 4 parcels $60,000


Morgan Township

Kathy B. Soles and husband to Stephen J. Klop and wife, $72,000

Calvin Lee Byerly and wife to David Anthony Stammen and wife, $385,000

George Gifford Jr. and wife to Howard A. Barraclough and wife, $18,500

John Henry Foster and wife to Jeffrey Scott Brown and wife, $245,000

Tony Alexander Biles and wife to Roger Lewell Mullins and wife, $25,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Susan Ann Coffman and spouse to Eugene Davis Birmingham, Jr. and spouse, Mt. Ulla $55,000


Providence Township

Pinnacle Bank to Carla Queen, $65,000

Bobby R. Ketchie and wife to McKenzie Sports Products LLC, $219,500

Makson Inc. to Cortney B. Ledbetter and husband, $330,500

David Childers and wife to Brady Darrell Reavis and wife, $138,000

Thomas E. Hess Sr. and wife to John A. Rocco and wife, $35,000

Theodora Baker Speed and husband to Bryan Steven Bassett and wife, $154,000

John Lesley Barnwell; Deborah Ernestine Lambert to Sharon C. Monroe and husband, $8,000

Edwin Allman III, Trustee in Bankruptcy for Allie Walter Shepherd and Deborah Moore Shepherd, to Charlie Callaway Ashby and wife; Kevin W. Ashby and wife, $15,000

Kern Carlton Farms LLC to Jonathan E. Keener and wife, $60,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Jerry D. Burke, $72,000


Salisbury Township

South State Bank, fka Park Sterling Bank, to Vision Rentals LLC, $100,000

Dywane Eric Burrell and wife to William McLaughlin, $28,500

Foxx Properties Group LLC to Forest Point Properties, LLC., $39,000

Community Development Corp. to Kenneth Cuthbertson, $150,000

Albertelli Law Properties North Carolina P.A. to One Stop Custom Shop, $22,500

State Employees’ Credit Union to Secu*re, Inc., $48,000

Frank Anthony Kaiser to Nathan Jones, $92,000

William M. Ruble and wife, Amy R. Allison and husband to Daniel L. Ruble and wife, $77,00

W. Myers and wife to Paul Lazaro, $95,500

Lou Ann Burleson Nay and husband to Terijon Properties LLC, $82,000

WJH LLC to Andrea R. Flores; Tamika Flores, $155,000

Crystal L. Hodges to Christina Clark and husband, $140,000

Teresa McCullough Collins, fka Teresa McCullough, and husband to Magdalena Jimeniz and husband, $83,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kevin Chapman; Donna Bega, $81,000

Amy Theresa Pennachio, fka Amy T. Durba, and husband to Tyler Thompson Kent, $106,000

Paul Bardinas and wife to Tara Chapman Hunter, $95,000

Maria Guadalupe Botello Rosales to Ayde Soto Robledo; Obler Rivas Carrillo, $60,000

Built Green Inc. to Pamela Robinson, $199,000

WJH LLC to Joshua M. Pressley and spouse, $162,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Aroy Dee Thai LLC, $12,000

AFAB Properties LLC to Sharon H. Kreps; Steven F. Hein, $53,500

WJH LLC to Earl A. Williams; Margaret J. Williams, $147,000

Patsy C. Scerri to Paul Lorenz; Michelle Lorenz, $183,000

Todd Werner and spouse to William C. Ellis, $113,000

Kathy J. Richardson to Michael C. Scott; Pamela N. Scott, $55,000

Jane E. Nussman to Caroline G. Stephenson and husband, $196,000

Trung Van Nguyen and wife to Department of Transportation, an agency of the State of North Carolina, $11,000

Douglas L. Jacobs; Gail S. Jacobs to Jennifer Drue Fogt, multiple parcels $90,000


Steele Township

Greene’s Mobile Home Land Sales Inc. to Araceli Romero Garcia, $30,000



High School

Coaches, lawmakers react to governor’s order expanding sporting event capacity


Three new COVID-19 deaths, positives remain below triple digits


Gov. Cooper announces end to curfew, changes to restrictions affecting bars, high school sports


Blotter: Two charged after call about package


Salisbury Police investigating two shootings


Chase involving Kernersville man ends in woods behind Carson High School

News Main

North Rowan girls end season with playoff loss to Murphy


Rowan-Salisbury EC department plunges in place after raising $1,300 for Special Olympics


Tiger Woods injured in car crash, has surgery on legs


Local stakeholders set goals, direction to tackle city’s housing issues


RSS board talks future of Henderson Independent School


One new COVID-19 death, 23 new positives reported Tuesday


Concord to create fallen officer memorial featuring Rowan native Shuping


20-year-old man faces rape charges


Blotter: Man charged after shooting gun during argument


UPDATE: Missing Salisbury man found


RSS board votes to use upset bid process on Faith property


Committee to soon accept artist applications for ‘Paint the Pavement’ project


RSS board votes to send elementary students to in-person classes four days per week


County to administer nearly 1,700 vaccines this week


Political Notebook: Rep. Howard named ‘hospitality champion’ by North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association


Blotter: Gunshot fired into home on North Oakhurst Drive


Teenager reported missing in Salisbury


‘Everybody needs an Aunt Libby:’ Family celebrates 100th birthday of Rockwell doctor Elizabeth Lombard