Letter: Prevent shootings by caring for kids

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 3, 2018

School shootings are terrifying. My child is my most important responsibility, and I want to know that when I send him to school he is safe.

I have heard many discussions on addressing the increasing incidence of violence in schools, most focusing on gun control and increased law enforcement, yet there is little mention of the most important action we can take: Raising children who don’t want to shoot anyone.

It is up to the community to identify and intervene when a child shows signs of mental or emotional distress. Many people are working to provide opportunities for local youth to learn coping skills, to develop resilience, to experience healing and joy, and to feel safe and supported.

Children need access to positive role models that can help them develop into compassionate adults with a sense of purpose and connection.

As co-founder of the nonprofit Happy Roots, I am committed to ensuring that every child that needs help has access. But a handful of people on a low budget can’t address this massive issue.

The community must come together to make sure no more children fall through the cracks.

We live in a throw-away culture, but we cannot throw away people.

We cannot just focus on those that are most successful, we must channel resources to those most in need. That is really the only way to keep our schools and our communities safe.

— Stacey Carter