Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 6, 2018

1. Prior to Tuesday’s referendum on whether it should be allowed to lease Fibrant, the city-owned fiber-optic utility, Hotwire held a special event at the Bell Tower Saturday to answer questions and make its case for the lease. Hotwire served up what food to people who stopped by?

A. Barbecue

B. Hot dogs

C. Hamburgers

D. All of the above

2. A federal judge accepted a settlement proposal that will allow Outer Banks businesses and permanent residents who lost power for several days last summer to divvy up more than $10 million. What Rowan County law firm worked on behalf of the businesses and individuals in filing the class-action suit against PCL Civil Contractors?

A. Whitley, Castor & Jordan

B. Wallace & Graham

C. Brooke & Brooke

D. Davis Law Firm

3. Phillip MacNutt of Salisbury has been building these things since 1994 and is also licensed to fly them. What are they?

A. Hot air balloons

B. Replicas of vintage World War I planes

C. Experimental aircraft

D. Competitive kites

4. North Rowan High students, parents and community members participated in a daylong design charrette last week.Their task was to come up with concepts for what?

A. A new football/soccer/lacrosse complex on campus

B. A new way to circulate traffic past the front entrance before and after school

C. A redesign of the school media center and a block of four classrooms

D. Ways to improve school security throughout the campus

5. What are West Rowan High students designing for their school’s courtyard that will cost between $20,000 and $25,000 to install?

A. A solar tree, which will have USB ports and electrical outlets

B. Ten solar-powered benches that will have USB ports and electrical outlets

C. Solar-powered pavers, creating a patio to supply 10 percent of the school’s electrical needs

D. A solar-powered fountain

6. “Ministers of Comedy,” a May 17 show at Salisbury Civic Center in which local clergy will be among the performers, will raise money for what project?

A. Bell Tower Green

B. The Dixonville-Lincoln Memorial

C. Pops at the Post

D. Empire Hotel

7. China Grove has a new tavern where customers are encouraged to bring their dogs. What’s the “Bella”-inspired name given to this bar owned by Jean Helms?

A. Bella’s Barks and Brews

B. Bella’s Woof Lodge

C. Bella’s Ales and Tails

D. Bella’s Ruff House

8. Come Aug. 1, Judy Morgan of Granite Quarry will become president of what state organization?

A. N.C. Project for Turkey Habitat

B. Friends of the N.C. Zoo

C. Save Wildlife N.C.

D. N.C. Yorkie Rescue

9. In a front-page story this past Monday, who said, “We’ve never had to work so hard to find employees.”

A. A regional director for a staffing company

B. The plant manager at Freightliner

C. The human resources vice president at Food Lion

D. The executive director of Rowan Economic Development Commission

10. Salisbury City Council approved the historic landmark ordinance this past week. What property has earned the first designation as a historic landmark?

A. The Dr. Josephus Hall House on South Jackson Street.

B. The Edgar S. Temple House on Statesville Boulevard

C. The John Steele House in the North Main Street historic district

D. The Utzman-Chambers House on South Jackson Street



1. D.
2. B.
3. A.
4. C.
5. A.
6. B.
7. C.
8. D.
9. A.
10. B.