Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 8, 2018

1. A long line formed outside Little Caesars pizza this past Monday because Little Caesars stores across the country were giving away free lunches. Why?

A. It was Little Caesars’ 25th anniversary

B. President Trump made it a campaign promise in 2016 that in the event he won the election, he would treat Americans to a free meal

C. As part of a marketing promotion for the NCAA basketball playoffs, Little Caesars said it would give free lunches if a No. 16 seed beat a No. 1 seed — and it happened

D. It was National Pizza Day

2. The Rowan County Board of Commissioners approved an application this past week that will allow Earth Day Jam to take place April 28 at the Dark Before Dawn Farm. What was the county’s main concern about the festival?

A. Light

B. Noise

C. Parking

D. Traffic control

3. The craft beer festival in Gold Hill Saturday was a kickoff for what yearlong series of events?

A. History on Tap

B. Docs and Hops

C. Barnum & Barley

D. Rowan Arts & Ag

4. Local runner David Freeze completed his journey across North Carolina last Sunday, finishing his run at Jennette’s Pier in Whalebone on the coast. Over 23 days on the road, Freeze logged how many miles across the state?

A. 280

B. 414

C. 647

D. 766

5. Cam’s Clubhouse at Intimidators Stadium debuted Thursday during the home opener of the Kannapolis Intimidators’ baseball season. What is Cam’s Clubhouse?

A. An exclusive beer garden for people in the higher-priced seats

B. A food area, sponsored by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, where half of the proceeds go to Newton’s five favorite charities

C. A private area, named for a former major league umpire, where the minor league umpires can escape before and after the games

D. An sensory friendly area inside the stadium for special needs children

6. Jonathan Mosher, a freshman at North Hills Christian School, has spoken frequently at camps, panel discussions and meetings, but his largest crowd attended a presentation he made in Denver, Colorado. What does Mosher emphasize in his talks?

A. The life lessons you can learn by studying the tendencies of a river

B. Video-gaming, used wisely, can translate to good grades

C. You can be small in stature but big in sports

D. The importance of early detection of hearing loss in infants

7. Nick Aceves, director of Salisbury Parks and Recreation, told City Council this past week that plans are moving ahead on what?

A. A city dog park behind the Salisbury Civic Center

B. Reconstruction of the dam at City Lake

C. Construction of a bridge across the lake at Salisbury Community Park

D. Construction of a greenway section next to the Salisbury National Cemetery

8. Joseph Vaughn listened to public comments and fielded questions this past week during his first town hall meeting, something he plans to continue quarterly. Vaughn is the new director of what in Rowan County?

A. The Hefner VA Medical Center

B. Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

C. Rowan County Parks and Recreation

D. The Better Business Bureau

9. Salisburian Morgan Bowman, who will be graduating in May from Liberty University, recently earned driving privileges to a new car, thanks to her sales numbers for Mary Kay cosmetics. What color and make of car is Bowman now driving?

A. A charcoal Equinox

B. A silver Chevy Cruze

C. A black Mercedes

D. A pink Cadillac

10. Dr. Kenneth Lance, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, gave an official blessing this past week for whom or what associated with the Salisbury Fire Department?

A. The groundbreaking for a new station on Mahaley Avenue

B. A new ladder truck

C. Replacement air packs for Station 1

D. Five new battalion chiefs


1. C.
2. B.
3. D.
4. C.
5. D.
6. D.
7. A.
8. A.
9. B.
10. B.