Early March deeds

Published 11:39 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Deeds issued from the office of Rowan County Register of Deeds John Brindle for early March: 

Atwell Township

Ronald R. Lamell and wife and Ronald R. Lamell, Jr. to Lewandoski Properties, LLC, $100,000

Sharon L. Walker, individually and as administrator of the estate of Phyllis Funderburk Payne and husband to Tamara Elaine Sullivan, $0

Christopher A. Reynolds and spouse to Gary R. Hocking, $287,000

Debra J. Benton and husband to Barbara K. Crisco, $36,500

Spencer C. Lane, Jr. and wife to Michael H. Cheek, trustee and successor trustees under the Michael H. Cheek Revocable Declaration of Trust, $0

Michael H. Cheek, trustee under the Michael H. Cheek Revocable Declaration of Trust to Carla Cole, $160,000

Wyatt Clark and wife to Robin P. Vollmoeller, Sr. and wife, $44,000

James L. Karriker to Laura Karriker Miller, Timothy Lee Karriker, $0

Matthew William Crump to Clark Edward Crump and wife, $0


China Grove Township

Journey Capital to Jayne Charlton, $128,500

Jayne Charlton to Quick Home Solutions, LLC, $0

David N. Williams to Bethany R. Aauna, $139,000

Jimmy Carl Brantley and wife to Dustin Lee Carr and wife, $135,000

James Bryant Kiser and wife to Stanley A. Sloop and wife, $50,000

William Douglas Corl and wife to Madson, Inc., $7,500

Bedrock Properties, LLC to Mark Stephen Stelmack and wife, $45,000

Carroll David Briston, individually and as administrator of the estate of Betty Jean Smith to Carroll David Briston, $0

Beverly Ann Hurst and Jeanie Wynette Van Dongen and spouse to Michael Karmatz, $56,000

True Homes, LLC to Shante Alisha Lindsay, $145,000

Ann Desabrais Robinson to Jorge Gonzalez Rivera and wife, $118,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, DC to Sheila M. Brown and Merton E. Brown, $0

Robert Douglas Basinger and wife to James R. Basinger and wife, $42,500

Richard Eugene Goodman to Marvin M. Fleharty, $21,000

Phillip Stallings and wife to Ashlee L. Bender, $98,000

Frank C. Corriher Beef & Sausage, Inc. to Robert L. Lahrmer, $10,000

Robert T. Lahrmer and wife to Hoyle W. Dabbs, Jr. and wife, $200,000

Leah K. Martin-Nelson to 616PA Trust, $52,000

Anthony Annunziata and wife to Stephanie Crump and Arwella Reamster, $120,000

Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Salvador Ilagor Arizmendi and Maribel Zarco Esquivel, $0

Terry Sherril and mother to CMH Homes, Inc., $16,000

James Ronnie Davis and wife to Julian M. Guerrero and wife, $69,000

Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, $120,000

Dependable Development, Inc. to True Homes, LLC, $53,000

Deborah Messmer Victory to Brian Kenneth Erwin, $0

James Wayne King; Sharon King Caskey; and Malia King Cobb to Steven Ray Sloop,   $96,000


Cleveland Township

Dorothy H. Torrence to Cheryl T. Farrior, $0

Daniel D. Schmucker to Nathan James Schmucker, $0


Franklin Township

William A. Linton, Jr., individually and as administrator of the Marsha Cline Linton Estate and wife to Sheila W. Helms, $266,600

Stephen F. Parker and wife to Donald F. Schuette and wife, $270,000

Benjamin Johnson and wife to Paula A. Kluttz and husband, $157,000

Fred E. Winecoff and wife to Aaron Winecoff White and wife, $0

Donald M. Bass and wife to Karla Bass Adams and John Wayne Myers, Jr., $0

Alvin B. Drye, Jr. and wife to Anita Jan Dawson, $73,000

Summit Investment Co., Inc. to Kevin Holt and wife, 304,000

Thomas L. Ovecash and wife to Robert E. Brinson, $368,000

Fred E. Winecoff and wife to Everette L. Winecoff and wife, $0


Gold Hill Township

Karen B. Mintz to Jared Anthony Kyle Mintz, $0

Randall Cravener and wife to Laura Beth Mull Kolkebeck, $120,000

Lagreca, LLC to SH Properties, LLC, $40,000

Douglas Bernard Culp and wife; Kelli T. Kendrick, fka Kelli Thomas Culp and husband to David Whitley, Jr. and wife, $40,000

Lawrence Randall Buie to John Bernard Gilleran and wife, $193,000

Arnold R. Hardwick and wife to Carlton Arnold Delello, Jr. and wife, $46,500

US Bank National Association as indenture trustee for CIM Trust to Eddie Hodge, $18,500

Henry A. Schepers, Jr. and wife to Douglas Craig Rivenbark and wife, $152,000

Doyne Allison to Terry W. Medley, $42,000

James Bruton Allen, III and wife to Lonnie Curtis Broome, Jr. and wife, $242,000

Julian M. Sides, individually and as executor of the Brown Julian Sides estate and wife to Joe Davis Sides, $45,000


Litaker Township

Charles R. White and wife to Bonnie Sue Goodwin, $35,000

James Fredrick Morris, Jr., individually and as co-executor of the estate of Evelyn H. Morris; Robin Morris Phillips, individually and as co-executor of the estate of Evelyn H. Morris, and husband; Donna Morris Clark and husband; and Linda Morris Sides and husband to Cornerstone Church, $140,000

Paul Carini and wife to Henry A. Delaney and wife, $130,000

Christine W. Dyson to Kara Michaels Bolick, $8,000

Timothy W. Smith and wife to Harold E. Bright and wife, $264,000

Joyce A. Barger and husband to Frank Carl Burch and wife, $41,500

Jimmy W. Yates and wife to Scottie Deal, $126,000

735 Yates, LLC to Rita Nicole Underwood, $130,500

Andrew Benson Christenbury, Sr. to Lee A. Peterman and wife, $35,000

Ronald Michael McCorkle, administrator of the estate of Freda K. Griffin nka Freda McCorkle; Ronald Michael McCorkle, individually to Kent LaVern Bullaboy, $0

Jason Upright and wife to Jonathon Basinger and wife, $206,000

Barbara Michelle Broome fka Barbara Michelle Talley and husband to Austin Kyle Seese and wife, $148,000

Michael W. Piche and wife to Kris Jerome Miller and wife, $253,500

Stephen Wesley Smith and wife to William Douglas Corl and wife, $43,500


Locke Township

Plantation Ridge to Belle Realty Development Company, $0

Summerfield Partnerships, LLC to William Patrick Smith and wife, $6,000

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Robert Graham Parrish, II and Jennifer Ann Porter, $75,000

Charles M. McEachern, Jr. to Timothy C. Klaus, $105,000

Ollie M. Morrow to Larry T. Morrow, $0

Larry T. Morrow to Dustin Floyd Morrow and wife, $0

DWV Real Property, LLC to Daniel Gerrido Patino, $0

Ada L. Hess to Ricky T. Hess and wife, $117,500

First National Properties, LLC to Bradley Bocker, trustee of The Bread Basket Land Trust, $52,500

Rachel B. Morrison and husband to R.T.R. Homes, Inc. and CBAD Homes, LLC, $65,500

Rachel B. Morrison and husband to R.T.R. Homes, Inc. and DBAD Homes, LLC, $0

WJH LLC to Carlos Adalberto Amaya and spouse, $129,000

WJH LLC to Winever Stephanie Foster, $126,500

Powers Properties, LLC to Brooke L. Bullock, $75,000

Buller River Development Partners, LP to Joseph A. Mason, $145,000


Morgan Township

Tom Burris and wife to Jerry M. McIntosh and E. Renee Hasson, $10,000

Kayla Kirk Loftin, fka Kayla Nicole Kirk and husband to Kayla Kirk Loftin and husband, $0

Betty M. to Cynthia E. Mastraunzio, $54,000

Betty M. to Barney E. Poole and wife, $54,000

Scotty Lee Seals; Carl L. Hamby, Jr. to Scotty Lee Seals, $0

Rose Mary T. Meredith to Donna Elaine Meredith, $12,000

Jerry Mack McIntosh and Etta Renee Brown Hasson to Mack Brown, $6,000



Mt. Ulla Township

Richard Lee Parker and spouse to Henry B. Hampton, $20,000


Providence Township

Plantation Ridge to Belle Realty Development Co., $0

Eugene M. Mothershead and wife to Eugene M. Mothershead and wife, $0

Meredity Rae Julian to Bobby Ray Ketchie and wife, $15,000

Timothy S. Leazer and wife to Phillip T. Bell and wife, $275,500

Billy c. Rabon and wife; Rita S. Simpson and husband; Sandra D. McKinney and husband to Makson, Inc., $60,000

Wisdom Realty, LLC to Aaron Timothy Long and wife, $140,000

Mark D. Riley and Holly F. Riley aka Holly C. Riley to Mark D. Riley and Holly C. Riley, $0

John P. Coyne and wife to Jacob Jeremiah Huber and wife, $70,00

B. File and wife to Matthew Alan Hiatt and wife, $12,000


Salisbury Township

Kenneth R. Walters and spouse to Yolanda Garcia, $55,000

Duke C. Brown and wife to Duke C. Brown and wife, $0

Anthony P. Brown and wife; Bonnie B. Marsh and husband; and Patricia B. Richmond to Michelle Lynn Goodman and Charles Wesley Henry, $133,000

James Joseph Palumbo and wife; Tanya Morrison Palumbo; Edward Paul Palumbo and wife; Laura Palumbo; JoAnn Marie Palumbo Cameron and husband; Brian Cameron; John Patrick Palumbo and wife to Shawn Michael and wife, $101,500

Aaron Vanslyke and wife to Aaron Vanslyke and wife, $0

Aaron Vanslyke and wife to Aaron Vanslyke and wife, $0

Bonnie L. Bernhardt and Matthew D. Lawlord to Samuel G. Via, $98,000

Craig R. Rice and wife to Curtis Anderson Rich and wife, $298,500

Julia G. Baker and husband to Matthew D. Lawlor, $92,000

Marilyn Ann Adrian to MOST Investments, LLC, $44,000

Mark R. Miller to Brittan R. Hendrickson, $125,000

Patricia Hackney West and husband; Harold Stephen Hackney; James Lee Hackney and wife to Glass Door Investments, LLC, $50,000

Betty M. Campbell to Pal-Co, Inc., $7,000

Historic Foundation to Cora Tisha Bolden, $35,000

Amanda S. Honeycutt to Robert E. Honeycutt, Jr.; Amanda Lowe, $0

Michael Forney to James E. Summers and wife, $97,000

Michael Swenson and wife to Heather Liechty, $198,000

Melissa Dawn Morrow to Charles W. Price, $105,500

Douglas Craig Rivenbark and wife to Theresa B. Miller, $142,500

Tony H. Harrison and wife to Felicia C. Hyde, $31,500

Farmers & Merchants Bank to James Hugh Cartner, Jr. and wife, $12,000

Wells Fargo USA Holdings, Inc. to Zineb Rifky, $55,000

Jewell Witherspoon Holland and husband to John D. London and Crystal L. Rhynes, $25,000

Lafayette J. Long, Sr. and wife to Sharon L. Neely, $0

George E. Diatzikis and wife to George E. Diatzikis, trustee of the George E. Diatzikis Revocable Trust, $0


Steele Township

Stephen M. Sanders and wfie to Stephen James Sanders and wife, $0

CMH Homes, Inc to Stephen R. Love and wife, $275,500

Matthew M. Cook and wife to Miguel Angel Guerrero Mejia, $30,000

Brenda H. McClymonds and husband to David M. Barbee and wife, $400,000

Paul A. Wright and wife to Public Service Company of North Carolina, Incorporated, $111,000

Paul A. Wright and wife to Public Service Company of North Carolina, Incorporated, $0


Unity Township

James B. Coulter and wife to Timothy Lee Cohen and wife, $39,000

Glen E. Weyant and wife to Glen E. Weyant and wife and Joann Marie and Marlinda Ruth Tansey, $2,500

Ronnie D. Hatley revocable trust to Gary Ray Poe and wife, $41,000

— Compiled by Maggie Blackwell