Letter: County litter needs attention

Published 10:16 pm Saturday, February 10, 2018

I have to say I’m very very excited about the recent developments toward mitigating the horrendous litter problem in Rowan County.

I have picked up litter close to my house for 25 years and know first hand how bad it is. Thoughtlessness, selfishness, irresponsibility. Why is it OK to do this? It never is.

Laws are unenforceable.Cowardly perps sneak around making sure no one is watching.

I think unless you change attitudes and habits, it will never change. As Cindy Hart stated in her letter (“Let’s all take ownership of the litter problem,” Feb. 9), encourage civic organizations, Scouts, other groups to Adopt a Highway.

What would be wrong with teaching from elementary to high school that littering is wrong?

Caleb Sinclair, bless you for your leadership.

— D. Alan Richards