Letter: Accurate census will reflect whole population

Published 10:02 pm Saturday, January 13, 2018

The editorial, “A victory for moderates” (Jan. 11 Post), was a good one. Gerrymandering must end now and forever, and the legislation to take redistricting out of the hands of politicians must be enacted if North Carolina is to be a part of a true democracy. The real winners of the gerrymandered districts being overturned are the moderates, yes, but most of all, the entire people of North Carolina.

The editorial also brings up redistricting based on the census. It is also crucial that the 2020 census be a true and unbiased census to ensure a true picture of the population for the redistricting to be a reflection of the people. I have read the present administration is planning to downgrade the census process so that people in low-income neighborhoods away from urban settings may be left out. We cannot let this happen. It would be another method  of voter suppression, among other things.

The census is used for lots of purposes, and it is crucial that it be a picture of the population. Voting must be a reflection of the entire population.

— Pat Bullard

China Grove