Letter: Tax plan is plenty fair

Published 12:15 am Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The writer is responding to a letter in Sunday’s paper, “Check Reaganomics; tax cuts for rich don’t work.”

Maybe the writer should choose a more reliable source for tax information than the Washington Post. My online fact checking found that the single people making $12,000-19,000, will have their 2017 tax rate of 15 percent reduced to 12 percent for the year 2018, a 3 percent cut. And yes, the single people making around $450,000 and up, will have their 2017 tax rate of 39.6 percent reduced to 37 percent for 2018, which is a 2.6 percent cut.

If anyone should be upset it should be me and my wife. Our tax bracket will only see a tax cut of 1 percent for 2018. But we’re not angry. It’s great that the people below us are getting a 3 percent cut. And it’s OK for the people above us to get a 2.6 percent cut, for they were already paying nearly 40 percent of their income to the federal government. You see, envy really doesn’t get you anywhere, and as for the “greedy” corporations, we’ve never had a poor or low-income person write us a paycheck.

— Dale Myers


Editor’s note:  The writers appear to refer to different tax brackets. Single people making $9,525-$38,700 will see a 3 percent tax cut, as Mr. Myers says. For those in the lowest tax bracket — singles making up to $9,525, or a married couple filing jointly who make up to $19,050 — the tax rate remains steady at 10 percent.