Letter: Rededicate monument ‘in memory of all’

Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, August 23, 2017

With all of the recent turmoil over the presence of Confederate monuments across our state and nation, I have to express gratitude to our local residents who have strong negative feelings about this growing issue.  It is good to see that they have not damaged our beautiful statue on West Innes Street.

In talking with a friend recently about this monument, the thought came to mind that our city leaders could relocate our beautiful angel statue and place her in the National Cemetery here in Salisbury, changing the wording on the base to read “In memory of all who have fallen.”

The soldier our angel holds represents any of your or my family members across generations who have fought for our freedom.

It would be a shame to completely destroy a beautiful statue such as our angel, when it could represent so much more than just the Confederate issue.

— Missy Brown