Letters to the editor

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 19, 2017

First of all, how can a city worker who stole more than $21,000 get a slap on the wrist and not spend time incarcerated? What type of judicial system do we have? Judges are supposed to be blindfolded, so to speak, and see just the facts and pass a sentence accordingly. It seems like our judicial system remains a system of “just-us” — the Caucasian privileged male and some females.

When it comes to blacks, Hispanics and other non-Caucasians, the judge peeks out from under the blindfold, sees color and passes the full extent of the law upon those standing before the bar.

The other part of this article deals with Salisbury’s West End and the county’s plan for an Idea Center. I like the idea of an incubator. I sincerely hope this (project) is pregnant with businesses that favor the makeup of our blended community with respect to blacks, Hispanics, Asians, various gender identification and not just Caucasians. Additionally, we must have full representation at the table of all local, state and national governments. We cannot continue with business as usual.

I did not see Livingstone College listed among those that sat at the table of decision. How can the county come to the table and not include a black institution where the West End sits in its back door. I did see Catawba listed. Upon personal contact with Livingstone College, I am told Livingstone is a participant, even though its name was omitted from the article.

If we want Salisbury to be an All-America City, we must include the aforementioned with the intentionality on youth employment for those in the West End. When young people have employment opportunities, there is less violence.

I sincerely pray that the new West End development is the beginning of a new day in.

— Dr. Odinga Lawrence Maddox I


I have no attachment to Jon Barber; in fact, had never met him. But reading the Aug. 13 Post, I have to ask: What do two DWI charges and a charge that he made personal copies on the board’s copy machine have to do with his untimely death? I know the answer will probably be that this is not an ​obituary. But it is a reflection of a human being and a reopening of some bad choices that were made, that his family and friends will have to re-live.
I do not require or expect an answer to my question. But I would ask that the next time a public figure passes that you (or the Post) think about the people that are left behind and what they are already going through and they know what he/she has already been through during their time on earth.
— ​Steve Thomas
The wisdom of Jon Barber
On Sept. 30, 2013, four Rowan County commissioners voted to change my position as Rowan County Veterans Service officer from full time with benefits to 19 hours with no benefits. Jon Barber was the only county commissioner who would not vote to make that change. He stated that rather than reducing my hours, he wanted the county to hire another full-time service officer because we needed two full-time VSOs.
After the decision was made, and Karen Black told me not to worry about it, I took it to the altar at China Grove First Free Will Baptist Church. That same week, I received apologies from Chairman Jim Sides and Commissioner Mike Caskey.
I have never been less than full time in the position that I have loved for nearly 10 years. Rowan County hired another full-time service officer in 2014 and an administrative assistant. They also built new offices at West End Plaza for us.
I feel sure that Jon was pleased with the changes that he suggested. I will always be grateful to Jon for his wisdom and foresight.
Thank you, Jon.
— Elaine C. Howle
China Grove