Palermo’s comes home to Salisbury

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 25, 2017

By Jessica Coates

SALISBURY — Eddy Portillo’s family has been involved in the restaurant industry for most his life.

“My dad, he’s always worked in restaurants,” said Portillo, a 21-year-old manager of Palermo’s Italian Cuisine. “He’s worked at chain places like California Pizza Kitchen and he’s also done other smaller stuff. So seeing my dad and how hard he works, it kind of gives me that drive to build something of my own, because me and my parents are doing this together.”

Portillo said that he and his family have always lived in Salisbury. But it wasn’t until last month that they finally got to open a location of their restaurant, Palermo’s, in their hometown.

“Whenever we weren’t here in this area, it did feel like something was missing,” Portillo said. “But once we opened the doors on the very first day, all of our stress and any negative energy just went away because we knew this was the place that we needed to be.”

His family opened their first Palermo’s location in 2007 in Granite Quarry. Portillo said that, although the location was small, it had its own cozy charm.

But he said that the new Salisbury location – located at 127 South Main St. – better suits their needs.

“It is so much bigger. When you walk into this place, it feels like an actual restaurant with a full bar, with just all this space that’s here,” Portillo said.

Portillo said that, although the location has changed, fans of the old Granite Quarry restaurant will not find anything different at the Salisbury location.

“If anybody has ever gone to our Granite Quarry location and is wondering about us and if we’re the same, as far as the recipes or the menu or anything like that, then that’s a for sure yes. We’re the same,” he said.

Portillo said that they still hand-make as much of their food as possible, including their sauces, breads and pastas.

“It’s like it’s coming from the heart, I guess. Rather than popping open a can that’s kind of like the easy way out, we don’t like to do that. We like to put in as much work as we can,” he said.

For more information about Palermo’s menu or daily specials, visit the Palermo’s Facebook page – “Palermo’s Italian Cuisine.”

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