Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 10:10 am Sunday, May 14, 2017

1. A Salisbury task force recently honored the memory of the late Floyd “Peewee” Kerr, who worked for the Parks and Recreation Department for 45 years. What did the group install in Kerr’s name?

A. A new floor in Hall’s Gym.

B. A bench in the Dixonville Cemetery.

C. A bench on the banks of Town Creek.

D. A sidewalk history marker in front of the former J.C. Price High School.

2. Local radio sportscaster Howard Platt’s love of the UNC Tarheels and Washington Redskins is well known. What was the name of the major league baseball team he cheered for as a kid?

A. Chicago White Sox

B. New York Giants

C. Philadelphia Athletics

D. Washington Senators

3. The Rowan County Animal Shelter started a new volunteer program in October. Since then, how many people have volunteered, and how many hours have they put in?

A. 27 volunteers, 228 hours

B. 125 volunteers, 521 hours

C. 46 volunteers, 337 hours

D. 12 volunteers, 252 hours

4. Fifty-seven-year-old Robin Sears has been digging off Black Road since early March. What is the purpose of his digging?

1. A search for relics from the Guitari Indian settlement that used to be there.

2. To find the underwater spring that will serve as a new well for his mother’s house.

3. To bury a time capsule documenting life in Rowan County in the early 21st century.

4. To find valuables his ancestors buried during the Civil War.

5. City crews removed sidewalk trees from the 100 block of West Innes Street last week for what reason?

A. The trees were diseased.

B. The trees’ roots were destroying the sidewalk.

C. To make way for sidewalk construction that would have damaged their roots.

D. To replace them with evergreen trees so the city won’t have to deal with fallen leaves.

6. Kris Wolfe will serve as principal of two elementary schools in the Rowan-Salisbury system next year. Which schools are they?

A. Isenberg and Overton

B. Granite Quarry and Rockwell

C. Woodleaf and Cleveland

D. North Rowan and Hanford Dole.

7. As the city of Kannapolis prepares to borrow money for downtown revitalization, what action did its City Council take last week?

A. Raised the city’s self-imposed debt limit from 2 percent to 4 percent.

B. Sold the Intimidators Stadium to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

C. Voted not to accept any pay from the city as council members.

D. Froze city salaries.

8. The Salisbury Symphony’s June 3 Pops at the Post concert will include a performance by which of these artists?

A. Teresa Moore-Mitchell

B. John Brincefield

C. Rebecca Stinson

D. Kyle Petty

9. Salisbury High art students have left their mark on the school in what way?

A. They painted a mural in the basketball gym.

B. They sculpted a giant hornet for the football stadium.

C. They painted masterwork reproductions on ceiling tiles in the art classroom.

D.  They created a photo exhibit, “A Day in the Life of Salisbury High.”

10. The owners of FillTech USA plan a multi-million-dollar expansion in Rockwell. What does FillTech make?

A. Taxidermy supplies

B. Adhesives, coatings and chemicals

C. Automotive products and consumer electronics

D. Lip balm, hand sanitizer and other personal care items.


  1. B
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. C
  10. D