Yesterday: In 1938, local houndsmen dish out some rewards

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 1, 2017

This photograph from the Salisbury Post files is dated Oct. 9, 1938. A caption pasted on its back says the following: ‘Foxes find the going rough when the 32 pedigreed Walker hounds, owned by Dr. L.H. Robertson and Dr. E. Carr Choate, strike trail. The picture shows the majority of the hounds as they turn their attention to juicy bones held aloft by Dr. Robertson, left, and Pike Page, another enthusiast, center. Seventeen of these dogs will be taken to Morganton tomorrow by Dr. Robertson to enter the North Carolina Fox Hunters Association bench shows and field trials Oct. 10-13. … The pack shown above runs an average of three nights a week the year round, and spirited races are heard frequently. The quarry holes in the eastern section of the county afford safe hiding places for the foxes in many instances, but the dogs frequently nab their quarry.’