Letters to the editor — Sunday (2-26-2017)

Published 2:51 pm Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ripping the heart out of illegal immigrants

Mr. President: What will happen at farms and orchards? Will the fruits and vegetables rot on trees and in fields? Or will the price for these items skyrocket?

I believe that your order to arrest and deport illegal aliens will affect farmers.

In a recent speech, you ended by saying three words: God bless America.

In case you forgot, America runs from the top of Canada to the bottom of South America. So Mexicans are American citizens.

Hitler had the Jews slaughtered. You are having the heart ripped out of undocumented Mexicans and destroying their hopes and dreams.

Did you ever go to the Statue of Liberty and read the inscription “Give me your …”?

They say you are fulfilling your campaign promises. How many times have you been married and vowed “Until death do us part”?

So much for your promises.

— Walter M. Leather




The Latino protest

I am responding to the Feb. 17 comments in the Salisbury Post regarding the numbers of individuals who lost a day of wages, day of school or whatever position they hold. My number one concern is the fact that all of these illegal residents are lawbreakers due to their entry within the USA without any legal right. Whether that person’s presence has been for one day or 40 years, the fact remains that illegal entry doesn’t give them rights.

Lying is never correct. Creating false documentation doesn’t excuse lying. Driving without a driver’s license, false credentials, failing to learn the language of the country into which you’ve entered — the list could reach from here to the end of this page. It all hinges on illegal entry and lying.

Have any of you considered the burden you place on our educators who have to deal with children without any English? Have you considered how our medical providers struggle to provide care when you can’t speak English and many times your own children must relate to the medical staff what you tell them?

Yes, my forefathers came here as immigrants but through legal entry into the land. Yes, all of us to some degree are immigrants and my comments are certainly not disparaging against immigrants, as long as the immigrant is legal. When you enter a country as an immigrant, a person should want to become part of that nation. The priority, therefore, is to merge into that society by learning the language and becoming a good neighbor.

Having worked with the Rowan Literacy program in the past, I know if a person is truly interested in becoming a part of the community, learning the language is possible. We are an English speaking nation. It is extremely rude to hear Spanish speakers while shopping, rather than learning the country’s language.

— Lola Floss