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… Letter: Be thankful we live in America

I agree with Ronnie Smith. It’s too bad you couldn’t support your candidate without having your signs stolen.

If somebody had gone around stealing Obama/Biden signs eight years ago, it would have been considered a hate crime. Isn’t this hate, all the bashing that Trump supporters have taken? Prayer and support for our new leaders.

— Janie Kluttz

Ronnie Smith seems to be channeling Spiro Agnew. And his “bless your heart” forgiveness is a textbook example of passive aggression.

—Pete Prunkl

… Expanding Medicaid would cost taxpayers

The problem with rejecting the expansion of Medicaid at the state level is that taxpayers from all 50 states pay the same IRS tax rates, but the program benefits recipients in only the approximately 30 states that have opted in for the expansion. So, N.C. residents are paying taxes but we are left out of the benefits.

The end result is that our hospitals have more unpaid bills than other states, and our privately insured citizens have to pay the unpaid medical bills for those who may have been covered under the program. So we are paying twice, once in federal taxes and second through higher insurance rates.

Also, the program’s funding is transitioning from 100 percent federal funding to 90 percent federal funding after the initial three years, so the funds will still be largely federal in the future.

— Doug Sokolowski

With all due respect, if you would do a little research on the internet concerning the states who receive the most federal funds (begger states), you would find that they almost always vote Republican.

— Lewis Thompson

… Duke Energy to offer $5,000 payments to coal ash neighbors

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Duke is the one who caused the problem in the first place. No one else. You make a mess, you clean it up. Even preschoolers understand this primary concept. Now they want to increase everyone’s utility bill to pay for the mess they are not willing to assume responsibility for? What? The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Why am I surprised?

— Melissa Shue

… Duke’s $5,000 offer draws ire of coal ash neighbors

There is no way the $5,000 would even begin to make up for what the citizens have had to endure over the last few years. This is an insult to those good folks. … It is time for the people on Dukeville to get full compensation and city/county water. Stop pussyfooting around and get it done.

— Linda Efird

This was never about $$$ in the beginning; however, Duke has made us fight for our health and property. We don’t hate Duke, just want them to do the right thing and be the good neighbor as they claim to be. A good neighbor would make things right and not continue to blast you for standing up for yourself.

— Deborah Graham

Good faith by definition is a sincere intention to deal fairly with others. Good faith doesn’t come with terms or stipulations like Duke is setting. If it is in good faith, why must people sign a paper saying they won’t sue? It is another way for Duke to protect Duke.

— Kenya Morgan

I feel this is a way for Duke to say our lives are only worth $5,000 to them. Duke and its lawyers need to treat us with more respect than that.

— Jeff Kiser

… Job barriers take center stage at congressman’s listening session

Initially, I was a little hesitant to attend the meeting. My thoughts afterwards were that I felt the group assembled were really interested in getting after some solutions. Most were new to me, but I felt that their spirits were right on.

Congressman Budd actively listened; that’s unusual for most. However, I feel that he wants to have an immediate and positive impact. Maybe for the first time ever, we will gain some traction throughout his district.

— Kenneth Muhammad El

Is anyone thinking about teaching people how to gainfully employ themselves in goods and services they create? There seems to be too much emphasis on working for someone else in jobs that can disappear through outsourcing and technology. Where can one learn how to run a small business?

— Reginald Brown

… My Turn: Language, tone and race

This is a very well-thought-out piece that captures what I and most people who are trying to give a voice to those who feel theirs are not heard are saying. Ms. Peckman took a very balanced and analytical approach in explaining the sensitive nuances of speech that is not intended to divide, but certainly can. It can if it’s not delivered with respect and sensitivity or heard with objective, nonbiased ears.

The mayor and I spoke after the council meeting referred to in this article and have had many other productive conversations on race and the divide in our city. I was comfortable with her explanation during our conversation on the alleged phrase and don’t feel she had a racist intent. I’ve found the mayor to be sensitive to the issue and genuine in her wanting to understand and help ease tensions. …

If people are tired of hearing me, Ms. Logan or other people of color speak out about racism, imagine how tired we are of having to endure it and talk about it.

— Kenny Hardin

I appreciate your ability to see the side of life from not just black lives but from the human life as a whole. Whitney Peckman is a great pillar to the community.

— Minnette Smith

In observing language manipulation, it is clear that change is in the direction of euphemisms rather than exactness in description, and that those for such change are dedicated to addressing symptoms rather than causes.

I am hardly a member of the enormous right wing which is the vast majority of Americans, but W. Peckman, despite what some may claim, is far from being a leftist. She is simply another of the sentimentalists in the middle class who believe in the value of linguistic cosmetology, and ultimately, no more than another voice in the cacophony of American “discourse.”

— Richard Creel

… Hudson, Caldwell talk Obamacare repeal

Pardon me if I am skeptical that Mr. Hudson is really interested in the welfare of his constituents. If the intent is to leave the Affordable Care Act in place for three years, why the rush to repeal it? The only possible answer is partisan advantage. For the 2018 congressional elections, they want to be able to tell their base that they did that. But if the repeal were to take effect in 2018, they would have to deal with the consequences. So they just push it out past that election cycle.

And the replacement plan? Mr. Hudson and his colleagues don’t have one. Why not? His party has been in control of Congress for years, so what has prevented them from beginning this replacement process he described? The answer again is partisan advantage. All the pointless votes to repeal were cheap political theater that gets votes without requiring work or responsibility.

And if they had succeeded in getting enough support to pass an improved plan, Obama would probably have signed it and they would have lost an opportunity to make their opponents look bad.

— Luke Hamaty

… Appleseed set to grow … finishes big push

This needs to be replicated in other counties. Greg and Missie (Alcorn) are investing their passion, resources and energy in a way that will produce great results for these children.

Thank you, Appleseed Early Childhood Project and all involved.

— Becky Taylor

Our 3-year-old loves it and so do we — no worries regarding the internet. Would love to be able to get her one for her own. Thanks for your program!

— Ann Lovell

… Commissioners can’t agree on convention center

Wow. Moving Social Services to West End Plaza will cost $6.21 million, but the new schools central office was “too much” at almost the same amount of money. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

— Bill Bucher

Yes, we need a convention and events center! Our position on I-85 should allow this county to generate a lot of revenue from events. Everything continues to go to Cabarrus County. Why is this even a question?

— Becky Sabo

Because, Ms. Sabo, Cabarrus County knows how to get things done. The godfathers of Salisbury are more concerned about whether another old building should be torn down or restored. … We had a guy here who was supposed to go out and bring in new business. He’s gone now, so what is his legacy? Salisbury spends all of its drive time looking in the rear-view mirror and very little time looking ahead through the windshield.

— Bill Ward

… Editorial: Meeting demand?

“Would some other local site work better, or is a convention center too much of a stretch for this community altogether?” Yes, there are better sites available.

Could the county work with the city to address the need for more meeting space? Yes, they could, but will they? They could also include the Fair Association and possibly the County and Fair Association of Davidson County and, as a facilitator of the Declaration of Interdependence, include neighboring counties in the mix. The old Color-Tex mill site screams for an arena.

— Mark Lyerly

I would respectfully question whether there is the need for a study on the feasibility of a convention center.

If the study were to suggest that our county could support a convention center, then why put it 4.5 miles from the closest interstate? Would it not make more sense to place it in a visible and accessible location? Or is the study actually designed to somehow justify what uses to which the mall property can be adapted?

— Jeff Morris

… Crowder resigns after 17 seasons, four as SHS head coach

Love Coach Crowder. Great defensive coordinator and one of the smartest football coaches I was ever around during my (impressive:/) football career. Wish him the best of luck wherever he may end up

— Matt Woolly

Sad they can let a great teacher/coach go due to lack of help and staff. Under his tutoring I’ve learned so much about the game. This man is a math and football magician. If we ever want to see another state championship, we’re going to need another Coach Crowder plus a passionate staff. He’s had a direct hand on some of the best defensive players to come out of this county! #Respect

— Kavari Hillie

… School calendar flexibility, gun rights among items on local legislators’ radar when session starts

“Ford said he plans to work on other bills to ‘put more guns in the hands of good people.’ ” Then make N.C. a constitutional carry state. Plain and simple. The bad guys out there don’t care about the laws, they go armed at their leisure and have no problem using them. Follow the leads of Vermont, Wyoming, Maine, Arizona, West Virginia and several other states in which if you are legally allowed to possess a weapon, you can carry it how you feel. That puts more guns in the hands of good people.

— Mitsa Waya

Brock is the one with a lot of hot air. It appears he wants people to die without having insurance.

— Kevin Brown

Using Brock’s reason for mandates, how can the N.C. General Assembly represent the “mandate” of the people when the majority of the representatives ran unopposed, come from gerrymandered districts and used voter suppression on several fronts? Can’t wait to see what’s “in the works.”

— John Davis

… Welcome to ‘Mason’s Ridge’: Army couple receive new, mortgage-free home

Thank you for your service, Capt. Mason. I hope you and your family enjoy your new home!

— Kari Lovette

That’s such a blessing.Thanks to both of y’all. Welcome to Salisbury. God is good. Enjoy your new home.

— Hayes Rosa

A double hoorah! to the both of you. Thank you for your service. May God bless you and yours and your new home.

— David Lee Bryant



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