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2016 in review: 40 questions from this past year

Editor’s note: Here are 40 questions, only slightly reworded in some cases, that were posed originally in weekly news quizzes in 2016. As the weekly edition always says, test your nose for local news.

If you answer 35 to 40 correct: consider yourself a newshound; 30 to 35, wily editor; 25 to 30, beat reporter; 20 to 25, copy boy; 20 or less, paper boy.

1. Novant Health Rowan Medical Center installed a $445,000, state-of-the-art piece of equipment at its Julian Road imaging facility. What is this new device?

A. A prostate imager

B. A tumor scope

C. A high-powered microscope for infection detection in joints

D. A 3D mammography machine

2. A new online learning tool being used in Rowan-Salisbury Schools encourages students to read 40 articles a semester and pass comprehension quizzes with a 75 percent score or higher to improve reading levels. What’s this program called?


B. Achieve3000

C. READnow

D. Immerse Yourself

3. Beginning March 1, 2016, Salisbury City Council moved the starting time for its regular meetings to when?

A. 3 p.m.

B. 4 p.m.

C. 5 p.m.

D. 7 p.m.

4. Dr. Elizabeth Lombard, a family physician in Rockwell from 1954 to 2004, donated something to the Rockwell Museum. What was it?

A. Her stethoscope

B. A baby scales

C. Her desk

D. Her’s doctor’s bag

5. A new pedestrian walkway was planned and executed for the downtown in an alley that extends off North Main Street in the middle of the 100 block. What’s the longtime name for this alley?

A. Pete’s Alley

B. Hogan’s Alley

C. Bernhardt’s Alley

D. Rail Walk

6. A nonprofit on South Main Street in Salisbury says its mission is to make bicycles accessible to kids and adults. What’s the name of this community bike center?

A. Spinsters

B. Spokes for Blokes

C. The Pedal Factory

D. Wheelies

7. Former State Sen. Paul S. Smith died in 2016. Which one of these positions did the always-active Smith not hold over his lifetime?

A. County commissioner

B. N.C. House member

C. Rowan County GOP chairman

D. Scoutmaster

8. Rowan County had a ribbon-cutting early in 2016 at the Rowan County Animal Shelter for what new addition?

A. A rehabilitation barn for neglected horses

B. A dog wing

C. A cat wing

D. A medical wing to treat sick dogs and cats

9. What city of Salisbury facility was renamed for the late educator Fred M. Evans?

A. Salisbury Civic Center

B. Salisbury Customer Service Center

C. Lincoln Pool

D. City Park

10. When it was all said and done, in round figures, how much did the Wallace Educational Forum — Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ new administrative office — cost?

A. $5 million

B. $7 million

C. $9 million

D. $12 million

11. Travel expenses accumulated by former Landis Mayor James Furr and the Board of Aldermen raised some questions in a Salisbury Post report. How much did the town board spend in travel from the 2014-15 fiscal year through Feb. 15 of 2016?

A. $27,000

B. $38,000

C. $45,000

D. $64,000

12. Over several years, Donald Trump famously tried to evict Suzanne Blackmer from her Central Park South apartment in New York. After a court decision in 1998 that allowed Blackmer to stay in her rent-controlled apartment, what did Trump do?

A. Tried to evict her one more time

B. Sent Blackmer flowers and a card on all her birthdays

C. Tried to raise her rent

D. Gave Blackmer an all-expenses-paid week at one of his Atlantic City casinos

13. Liberty and Justice, bald eagles at Dan Nicholas Park, successfully hatched a chick in their fourth year of trying. What happened to the new eaglet, which was named Freedom?

A. Freedom became part of the park’s permanent bald eagle habitat

B. Freedom was turned over to the N.C. Wildlife Commission

C. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service made plans and set up the procedure for Freedom’s release into the wild

D. Freedom has to stay at the park at least a year until it learns how to fly

14. Promats of Salisbury provided one of its products to 12 Major League Baseball teams. What was it?

A. Baseball bats

B. Workout mats for team clubhouses

C. Hot tubs for training rooms

D. Backstop netting for the teams’ ballparks

15. In each grade at Knox Middle School, students are taking field trips to a particular kind of place, so that by the time they leave for high school, they will have made three visits to what?

A. Local corporations

B. Operas

C. Symphony concerts

D. College campuses

16. For filming of a new television series called “Shots Fired,” Salisbury became what fictional town?

A. Benton’s Crossing

B. Thompson’s Pass

C. Biglersville

D. Gate Station

17. Fading D Farm, located north of Salisbury, offered something new at the Salisbury/Rowan Farmers Market during the past year. What was it?

A. Live chickens

B. Ostrich meat

C. Cheeses made from the milk of water buffalo

D. Guinea pig steaks

18. Rowan County Commissioner Mike Caskey, who is a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, did something heroic in the line of duty. What was it?

A. Helped to deliver a baby on Interstate 77

B. Talked someone off the top of a bridge over Interstate 85

C. Rescued three dogs from a burning vehicle which had overturned on Tryon Street

D. Stopped an armed robbery in progress at a Charlotte drugstore

19. Though he later changed his opinion, which Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education member spoke in favor of students carrying Mace and pepper spray and said the following: “Depending on how the courts rule on the bathroom issues, it may be a pretty valuable tool to have on the female students if they go to the bathroom, not knowing who may come in.”

A. Travis Allen

B. Chuck Hughes

C. Josh Wagner

D. Richard Miller

20. Albert Stout, a onetime SBI agent and gifted singer, died in May 2016. Stout, working as an undercover narcotics agent for the SBI in 1974, famously lived through what on Sept. 10 of that year?

A. A car explosion

B. Being shot three times

C. His car’s being struck by a train during a high-speed pursuit

D. His house’s being destroyed by a tornado while he and his wife were inside

21. Salisbury’s Linda Cureton Dillard once did something special for boxer Muhammad Ali in 1977. What was it?

A. She made Ali a five-course meal

B. She hand-tailored a suit for the champ

C. She sang for him

D. She caddied for Ali at a benefit golf tournament

22. Salisbury was among 20 cities competing for 2016 All-America City status from the National Civic League in Denver. While Salisbury was a finalist, it was not one of the 10 cities walking away with an All-America City award. What city from North Carolina did?

A. High Point

B. Asheboro

C. New Bern

D. Asheville

23. Dennis Reed, a 2006 graduate of Catawba College, has a song titled “Necessary,” which has become a viral hit thanks to its posting on Facebook by the singer Reed had been touring with for several months. Who was that former American Idol singer?

A. Kelly Clarkson

B. Fantasia Barrino

C. Jordin Sparks

D. Carrie Underwood

24. The Rowan County Register of Deeds office accomplished a huge goal in 2016. What was it?

A. The digitizing of all records

B. Providing a drive-up window so residents can pick up routine documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses

C. Moving to a new office at the West End Plaza

D. Being accredited by the National Register of Deeds Association

25. Teresa Moore-Mitchell, a well-known soprano from Salisbury, sang as part of an international festival choir in what country?

A. Russia

B. Cuba

C. France

D. Portugal

26. The Rowan County American Legion baseball team won its second state championship in a row with a 3-2 walk-off victory in Wingate over tournament host Union County. How many state titles has the Salisbury/Rowan team won in its history?

A. Four

B. Seven

C. Nine

D. 12

27. State toxicologist Dr. Ken Rudo said in a deposition that N.C. government acted unethically in telling neighbors of coal ash ponds that their well water was safe to drink. Rudo’s deposition was taken in a lawsuit between what two parties?

A. Gov. Pat McCrory and residents of Dukeville in Rowan County

B. The State Health Department and the Rowan County Board of Commissioners

C. The State Department of Natural Resources and the Southern Environmental Law Center

D. The Yadkin Riverkeeper and Duke Energy

28. Rowan Museum Inc. unveiled a sculpture signifying an important event in the county’s history. What does it represent?

A. George Washington’s visit to Salisbury in 1791

B. Stoneman’s Raid during the end of the Civil War in 1865

C. Elizabeth Maxwell Steele’s aid to Gen. Nathanael Greene during the American Revolution

D. American Red Cross nurses’ support of troop trains during World War I

29. U.S. Army veteran and former police officer Anna Jenkins needed and received financial help in paying for what?

A. A new set of braces

B. A prosthetic left arm

C. A downpayment on a house

D. The euthanasia of her service dog

30. Don and Margaret Livengood were devoted to each other for 59 years of marriage, and they died together in the same hospital room on the same day. Don was known as one of the founders and longtime organizers for what annual event?

A. OctoberTour

B. Gold Hill Days

C. Cleveland Christmas Parade

D. Granite Quarry Fiddlers Convention

31. After 52 years, Shoaf’s Wagon Wheel on U.S. 601 held its last dance on a Saturday night in August. What was the original name for the Wagon Wheel?

A. Fred’s Country Dance Hall

B. Jim’s Barn Dance

C. Bob’s Square Dance

D. Tom’s Turkey Trot

32. East Rowan High graduate Taylor Kirk, who was born was spina bifida, died Sept. 11 of a blood infection. Taylor was a three-time state champion in what wheelchair sport?

A. Discus

B. Javelin

C. Shot put

D. 100-yard sprint

33. In 1997, Livingstone Athletic Director Andre Springs had a golf day in Huntersville he’ll never forget. What happened that day?

A. He caddied for golf great Arnold Palmer

B. He played a round of golf with basketball legend Michael Jordan

C. He scored a hole-in-one in the same group as Jack Nicklaus

D. He beat a young Tiger Woods in an exhibition match play

34. One half of a famous music duo performed at Lee Street theatre in 2016. Who was it?

A. Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel

B. John Oates of Hall and Oates

C. Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts

D. Toni Tennille of The Captain & Tennile

35. In response to the flood devastation spawned by Hurricane Matthew, members of Salisbury and Locke fire departments headed east to help relief efforts in what N.C. county?

A. Cumberland

B. Brunswick

C. Wayne

D. Robeson

36. GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and his wife attended a campaign rally on the campus of Catawba College. What is the name of Pence’s wife?

A. Karen

B. Judy

C. Trisha

D. Faye

37. Sisters Annie and Ceci Cardelle became social media celebrities after they posted photographs of themselves in Salisbury with Eric Trump, second son of Donald Trump, and Eric’s wife, Lara. The sisters received thousands of likes, retweets and comments because they wore T-shirts that said what?

A. “Latina Contra Trump”

B. “We’re with Stupid”

C. “Girls Gone Wild — Against Trump”

D. “Every Vote Against Trump Counts”

38. What candidate on the ballot in Rowan County received the most votes in the Nov. 8 general election?

A. GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump

B. Rowan County Commissioner Mike Caskey

C. Rowan County Soil and Water Supervisor Bruce Miller

D. District Court Judge Marshall Bickett

39. What school district is trying an alternative administration style in which there is a middle school principal, a high school principal and a floating principal between the two schools?

A. South Rowan

B. North Rowan

C. East Rowan

D. Salisbury

40. Piedmont Cheerwine Bottling bought Sun Drop Bottling Co. of Concord and its distribution rights in Rowan, Iredell, Stanly and Cabarrus counties. Starting with Bill and Margaret King, the Sun Drop brand goes back to what year?

A. 1917

B. 1932

C. 1954

D. 1966

Answers below:

1. D.
2. B.
3. C.
4. B.
5. B.
6. C.
7. B.
8. C.
9. C.
10. C.
11. C.
12. B.
13. C.
14. D.
15. D.
16. D.
17. C.
18. A.
19. B.
20. A.
21. C.
22. B.
23. B.
24. A.
25. B.
26. C.
27. D.
28. A.
29. D.
30. D.
31. B.
32. C.
33. A.
34. B.
35. D.
36. A.
37. A.
38. C.
39. B.
40. C.



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