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Talkback: What online readers say about …

… ‘A blessed week:’ students receive a special gift

What a wonderful gift for these children and a perfect example of Christmas spirit. Thank you, Javon Hargrave and all the people who made this possible.

— Robin Daye

My granddaughter was a recipient of one of these bicycles. Many thanks and hugs to Javon Hargrave for his generous donations to these schools! Much love for you this Christmas!

— Kim Foster

… ‘Bathroom bill’ on verge of repeal?

I hope that HB-2 goes down the drain. Enough is enough. It is also time for these legislators to remember they are there at the will of the people. I hope that Governor McCrory will leave office with even a small amount decency.

— Linda S. Efird

You do realize that (Roy) Cooper and (Jennifer) Roberts set up this whole thing so Cooper could use it in running for office. Funny how fast Roberts changed after he was elected. Hopefully with a Democrat in office, he will not take money from school systems as the Democrats did in the past!

— Scout Bowman

… Only Rowan’s senators get a chance to vote on HB2 repeal

Everyone suspected the elephants would add something that the Democrats would oppose so that they can blame the Democrats. A typical stunt by them, as their folks were not going to uphold the promise of the leaders anyway as evidenced by our local people. Folks, an election is coming next year. All of these folks need to go.

— Ralph Walton

… County’s dog restraint law starts Jan. 1

I will never use another runner on any dog of mine in my yard. I’ve tried it before and almost killed a Saint Bernard puppy.

— Randie Honeycutt

Hope this helps, but I have my doubts with only a $25 fine, and not actively looking will not do much. Really, if people treat their animals badly, they should be taken away from them. Now we need to work on Rowan becoming a no-kill shelter and focus on adoptions.

— Teresa Williams

Fines should be $500 and removal of pet. These are nothing but animal abusers — call it what you want but it is!

All Animals’ Lives Matter”

— Terri Moffatt

Your comment is so outrageous I just thought I’d let you know how ridiculous and wrong you are.

— Jordan Lingle

This should be a case-by-case situation and not a blanket law. It amazes me how much power this same organization that kills thousands of animals a year has to make “compassion” laws.

Not all dogs who are chained outside are suffering. Some are inside pets who are put out during the day. No, the trolley system you’re talking about is not cheap. Many have no poles, room or ability to build it themselves. Also, I’ve seen dogs choke when tangled in a trolley system when it got wrapped around their dog houses.

This will lead to more surrenders and healthy animal deaths in Rowan County. Good job again, guys! No common sense left. You killed it.

— Michelle Condra Peck

There is a dog on Sherrills Ford Road that every time I go by is chained to a tree in the front yard with a small house, and I feel so sorry for the dog. I hope this helps this dog.

— Kay Flynn

Special thanks again to Commissioner Craig Pierce for your tenacity of making a better world for Rowan animals.

Also, kudos to a small group of concerned citizens who brought up the issue of chain-free dogs to Commissioner Pierce. I’m thankful for any and every concerned citizen when it comes to animal welfare.

— Barbara Hart

… Homeowner grateful family, dog were not harmed in West Council Street fire

We all can only imagine how tough it must be to go through something like this, so close to the holidays, especially when so many of these family gatherings take place in their home, which is filled with warmth and love. A GoFundMe page has been created in the recovery/rebuilding efforts. Please check out and share @ https://www.gofundme.com/SeamanHomeFireFund

Gwen & Doug just got their first look at the inside of their home after the fire and as Gwen noted, “IT’S OVERWHELMING!” The pictures cannot begin to describe the devastation to their home.

— Tracy MacKay-Ratliff

… Blackout hits parts of Salisbury for second evening in a row

What was the reason for the time chosen to do the work?

— John Schaffer

Glad they decided to work in the middle of rush hour on Innes Street and no one at the city bothered to arrange for traffic control. Driving through downtown between Fulton and the interstate was problematic at best. I’m genuinely surprised there weren’t multiple wrecks on Innes Street earlier today.

— Drew Waller

Here’s a difference in corporate responsibility & communication:

Norfolk Southern published several days ago that they would be closing crossings in Salisbury to do work on them. They warned people about what crossings would be closed, that they would each likely be closed for one day (with a few possibly longer) and acknowledged that the exact day of the closings couldn’t be nailed down due to how fast they were able to get their other work done. While an inconvenience to motorists, they did their due diligence in letting everyone know what was going on at least a couple days ahead of time. As a result, local authorities helped to spread the word and we can safely assume they have made contingency plans for those roads being closed.

Duke Energy took down a major transformer, putting half of Salisbury in the dark. … Most didn’t even get the word until after the power had been out for a while. As a result, local businesses were caught off guard (I personally saw La Cava emptying out of patrons who apparently had their dinners interrupted), and the police department was unable to be prepared to handle traffic issues. The work was also planned for the evening on a cold night, most assuredly risking the safety of residents facing temperatures dropping below freezing without any source of heat. Then, despite the power being gone for hours, they then surprised everyone with another outage the very next evening instead of taking the opportunity the night before by saying “oh yeah, it will be out for a couple hours tomorrow night as well.”

Thank you to Norfolk Southern for being responsible. Duke Energy, are you taking notes?

— Eric Shock

… Wide areas of Salisbury plunged into darkness Monday night

The Salisbury High School band and chorus concert had to be canceled as well.

— Debra Hubbard-Pastore

Whose brilliant plan was it to cut power during dark hours on a weekday during a holiday? Duh, traffic was horrible and they are lucky no one lost a life

— Melissa Bennett

Nothing but coal ash in Duke Energy execs’ Christmas stockings!

— Elizabeth Watson

… Emerson family donates North Main house to Historic Salisbury Foundation

Wonderful. Thank you, Ike and Bonnie, for this wonderful gift to such a great cause. I’ve always admired this house.

— Melissa Eller

This will be an important and valuable step in turning a pivotal property around. Thank you, Historic Salisbury Foundation.

NOMA residents greatly appreciate the work HSF has provided to several of the homes our historic district. While some of the houses along the North Main Street gateway to Salisbury are in “varying states of decay and disrepair,” many are not. Many residents work diligently to maintain and improve their homes and understand their historic value.

We heartily wish that the Salisbury Post, Historic Salisbury Foundation and others would strive to highlight the good points of this neighborhood that contains one of the 10 historic districts here in Salisbury and, notably, a wide variety of early 20th century domestic, architectural styles.

— Sue McHugh

…A devoted Ford man hits the road for Meals on Wheels

So thankful to know this exceptional man and to have been blessed by knowing Sybil. What a wonderful and inspiring pair they were! She is greatly missed and there should be many more good ole Southern gentlemen like J.C. Our world would be in a far finer state. Love you, Buddy. You are still an inspiration.

— Celeste Bryant

That was a great article about a really great guy! Thanks, J.C., for your many years of service to our community!

— Johnny Safrit

… Pray for guidance during celebrations & transitions

Aah, Christmas, that wonderful time of the year when Christians suspend their already tenuous grip on reality and celebrate the birth of a thoroughly confused apocalyptic Jew who believed he was a prophet (Matthew 13:57, Mark 6:5) and who repeatedly claimed (Matthew 16:28, Mark 9:1) the end of the world was imminent 2,000 years ago. Oops!

— Larry Knight

Mr. Knight, I am stirred to pray for you now, though your words … may be unpardonable. I pray it is not too late for you and that the Holy Spirit would draw you to seek and know Jesus, the “God man” sent here to save you. Then you will be enlightened and able to understand the Bible.

— Tom Speaks

What’s your point, Mr. Knight? Christmas is the time of year we celebrate the birth of God’s gift that led us with unconditional love to salvation once we recognized and accepted Him as our Lord Savior. This amazing grace applied to Jew and Gentile.

Is there a problem with that? Oops.

— Reginald Brown

… Out-of-town visitors help economic impact of “Polar Express Ride”

We are very blessed in Spencer, to have the Transportation Museum here. It makes the town a real destination, especially on weekends.

— Jeff Morris

… Construction begins for new Zaxby’s on Jake Alexander Boulevard

Looking forward to this opening. Now let’s add a Chick-fil-A and a Which Wich on this side as well and we will be set!

— Kellie H Martin

Thanks for coming to this side of town.

— Cynthia Hilliard


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