Book club meets at Hanford-Dole

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fran Simpson, student support specialist with Communities In Schools (CIS) at Hanford-Dole, was the guest reader for the first grade book club this quarter. She shared the book, “I Wanna New Room” with all the first grade students and some parents in the school media center. Simpson was quite animated while reading the book, sharing the meanings for words in the story, comparing feelings and talking about how to share with siblings. Students talked about problems with sharing a bedroom with a brother or sister — problems also shared by characters in the book.

Hanford-Dole’s Book Club is sponsored by grants from Target, Schneider Electric and CIS Rowan. Afterwards, Simpson did a parent presentation on the book that she read. She shared how parents can help their child with comprehension, how to use “why” to have the student explain their opinion or view, and even included examples of art, science and drama to go along with the book.

Hanford-Dole and Communities In Schools are committed to engaging the parents in school activities to better prepare students and parents to work together with the school.