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My Turn, Richard Roberts: To thrive, or just survive?

The present administration has shown failure economically, a failure of leadership in the free world and a failure to secure the country from illegal immigration. It appears the government has chosen to ignore immigration law. Congress has ignored Obama’s illegal authority to write law and to ignore law with which he disagrees.

The Republicans have allowed Democrats’ spending to exceed taxes and borrowing that more than doubles the national debt. Unsound leadership has led the country to the precipices of ruin from which our country will not recover.

Over 90 million people seek employment and many have given up. We the people are being subject to a national health care law that is unaffordable, not user friendly and will eventually drive private health insurance companies out of business. Without competition in the marketplace, government will charge whatever they decide is enough. Our experience with government-run anything is a disaster in the making. If Chief Justice John Roberts had not ruled that The Affordable Care Act was just another tax, it would be unconstitutional.

Therefore, we the people believe America is no longer a government of the people, by the people and certainly not for the people. Major changes are needed to make America great again.

1. Term limits for the Congress so as to end career politicians.

2. Medical and retirement benefit that are the same for politicians as for the people.

3. No more “pork barrel” spending by Congress.

4. An annual audit and aAccounting of the money spent or borrowed by the government.

5. Age and term limits for the Supreme Court.

6. Sunset laws for all legislation passed by Congress and signed by the president. Legislation that does not work should be fixed or ended.

7. Deficit spending allowed only in the event of a national emergency, war, homeland security threat or natural disaster.

8. Congress should only meet once or twice annually or when called upon for emergency action.

Career politicians will resist and reject any change since their greatest concern is re-election. When elections roll around, time has passed and the people have forgotten politicians’ inactions and lack of principles. Re-election after re-election, politicians return to office to favor the money interests that foot the bill for re-election and have the career politicians’ ear to do their bidding.

Therefore, ignoring these needed changes, we would be in favor of a national movement by all the people. Its title could be: Re-elect No One.

With the Declaration of Independence, our founders had great concern with a history of governments that destroy individual freedom and liberty. Thus were born the Federalist and Antifederalist writings of the time.

Even today, concerns with having a strong or weak federal government continue to undermine the direction of the country. Hillary is of course a Federalist. Today Trump is a populist and not a politician; he would more likely in early days have been an Antifederalist.

The question is, would you rather be dependent on government for your economic welfare, liberty and freedom — or be independent? Would you rather just survive or would you rather thrive? When you depend upon government for your wellbeing, you are just surviving, just barely getting by in the world. You have become a puppet of the state, which is what the Federalists earnestly desire — your vote and the power of government over the people.

When Hillary declares we’re “stronger together,” she is saying vote for me and Democrats so you will not lose your government check. This is the 21st century slavery.

Which will it be — economic failure for the people and the country just surviving, or an awakening of the people who want to thrive and become self-reliant? This old question has existed since the founding of our republic.

Are we to be servants of the government and the elected rulers, or should government be subservient to the states and to the people?

Today many believe government can do no wrong, but many of us ask, can the Government do anything right? Answer: not very much!

Richard Roberts lives in Kannapolis.



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